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Exclusive SEO Content Writing Guidelines to Tackle Penguin Update

Every wind that has blown in the realm of Google has managed to create the chaos amongst web masters. And this time its Penguin update, which was vital, according to Google, for refining the search results and clearing the annoying sites instilled with unreadable and keyword overstuffed junk and was not apparently targeted to human readers.

Unfortunately, the Penguin has not spammed many poorly performing websites. There is no doubt in stating that a website’s ranking is now directly proportional to author’s online reputation and also an authority on the subject. Leaving behind the pageviews and backlinks; high-quality content has now overtaken everything and has also become a great factor in determining Google’s search rankings.

Penguin’s huge affinity for quality content has also taught a few lessons to online professional writers, so that they can produce harmonious content for the readers. If you wish to learn the same then go through the below mentioned guidelines.

Let your title hail loud

‘Title of any write up plays a huge role’ – Every writer is instilled with this fact, and the truth will keep prevailing as it plays a considerable part in content writing for search engines.  However, the writers should also keep in mind that title isn’t just most vital element that will attract your website or blog visitors. It should also weigh when it comes to search metrics of the given articles.


The writer should also pay heed that just for the sake of incorporating major keywords; you should not weave geographic terms in the title.  For example – Hire SEO Writers India for great online reputation.

Repeating primary keyword is OK one or two times

When it is about ruling online, then harnessing the power of keyword is must, but exploitation of its usage will downgrade your content. Over usage of the keywords in the content will attract spammers. There is no need to fret about keyword optimizing, but it is desirable to pay focus on the quality and value.


A good idea is to mention one within the very first paragraph and the other one within the last. However, you should avoid hyper linking your main search term with your targeted page.

Google is in search of irrelevant quantity of main keyword anchor-text links to discredit or penalize the websites for rubbish content writing practice.

Avoid unnecessary stuffing

Earlier, SEO content writing was integrated with keyword phrases that were incorporated into the articles even if they were grammatically or contextually inappropriate. Hence, it is vital to develop a content that is targeted to humans, which will also motivate Google to stamp the site as good that leads to a higher rank.


Content should be written with a purpose of making it rank higher on the search results accompanied with relevancy and readability.

Gain benefits with latent systematic indexing

There were times when supporting variations of keywords were once useful, but the vitality was faded away for a while until Penguin paved its way. Latent Semantic Index key phrases and relevant terms became more vital than before, and also support main keywords and phrases.


It is wise to use the LSI wisely than repeating the exhausted primary keywords in your content.

Keeping in mind these tactics and instilling them during content development will surely make you unfurl the peace for your blog or site in the chaotic situation of Penguin.

Author Bio:- Mr Deepak Gupta is an SEO Content Writer. He is involved in offering quality SEO content writing services to his client. Apart from working with a reputed content writing company, he likes to make people aware about the trends prevailing in the internet marketing field.

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  • Cyrus

    July 14, 2012, 10:18 pm

    we got hit pretty bad, traffic dropped down for like 70% … still working on our lost reputation .

    • Bilal Ahmad

      July 14, 2012, 11:07 pm

      Cyrus@ Hope to see you back in Google soon for your lost ranking.


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