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Excellent iPad Apps for Lawyers

iPad is the best selling tablet computer that many professionals love to use due to its portability and ease of use while on the move. With an iPad in hand even the small laptop computers look big and bulky and are conveniently left for use at home or in office. The iPad then becomes the perfect companion since it takes care of all the work needs of professionals in all fields.

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Lawyers and attorneys are always seen carrying loads of paper and files with facts, information and details about their court cases. With the arrival of laptops their work shifted into soft copies saved on them. At any point in time they need access to court proceedings, stay updated on all legal issues and often have various types of software to assist them in their work. The iPad makes tasks simpler for them not just with its size but also with multiple apps that help lawyers complete their tasks at hand.

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Some of the best and most useful iPad apps for lawyers include the following:


This is one of the most useful apps since it provides a complete database of state and federal case law and statutes. It uses smart research tools to sort the required results and integrate tools of citation analysis into the results displayed. This free of cost app is a goldmine of information that will help every lawyer.

Dragon Dictation

This is a very useful app for lawyers needing to take fast notes. It is a voice recognition app that converts all that you speak into text and email messages instantly. This is done at super fast speeds, up to five times faster than typing on the keyboard. It also enables status updates on social network sites, messages, reminders and anything else that needs to be jotted down, but with a simple voice message. Available at present in English and a few European languages, more languages are being added. Developed by Nuance Communications, this app is available free of cost.

Black’s Law Dictionary

The Black’s Law Dictionary is a classic book of reference for anyone studying or practicing law. It has the distinction of being the most widely quoted book worldwide. This is now available in its 9th edition as an iPad app with audio pronunciations of difficult sounding words, bookmarking facilities and over 45000 terms. It has tens of other features that make it a must have for quick reference and a price of $54.99 is not too high for all that it brings with it to the iPad.

iAnnotate PDF

This app is ideally suited for reading and adding comments to documents in PDF format. It helps to do away with paper files and others can also read the documents and comment on them with the aid of any PDF reader like Acrobat as well. It is available for less than $10.

Air Sharing

Lawyers have loads of files and documents that move with them and have to be stored on their computers as a backup. This is a file transfer software that helps to transfer files to and from the iPad and any other device. Its security features are particularly appealing for lawyers. This comes in two versions with the Lite version costing $2.99 and the Pro version for $9.99.

The iPad has simplified life and work for lawyers and helped them travel light even for their court cases since it is able to hold the entire burden of their documents and assist their work as well.

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