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Examples of 3 Bloggers who Made It Big

From commenting on the latest blockbusters to the killing of Osama Bin Laden, blogs have become a popular source for many to vent their thoughts to the world. Blogs have over the years transformed from simple online commentaries to a great source of revenue. During the last few years some bloggers have been quite successful in creating blogs that are now worth millions of dollars. Gathered here are some examples of the blogs and the bloggers who have made it big in the blogosphere.

Huffington Post

Huffington Post revolutionized the way blogging was carried out and is now a benchmark in the blogging world. Created by Adrianna Huffington, Kenneth Lerer, Jonah Perett and Andrew Breitbart, it is now a foremost authority on news and is also widely read for its engaging commentary. The Huffington Post was launched on 9th of May 2005 and has since then attracted around million comments on its site every month.


If you want to know which content on the internet is currently going viral and need to know about it in a systematic and detailed manner, then you can use BuzzFeed. It is now among the top five blogs on the internet. It was created by the co-founder of the famous Huffington Post Jonah Peretti. BuzzFeed basically helps in detecting the latest viral information on the internet and presents it to its viewers. An interesting concept on the BuzzFeed is that it allows its users to effectively create profiles on it. These profiles contain little information about the user and most of the profile will list the contributions made by the user on the BuzzFeed.


TechCrunch is now ranked f11th on the Technocrati list of the most powerful blogs on the internet. The blog was created by Michael Arrington in 2005 and is the perfect place to find any newinformation on technology. Readers will also enjoy wonderful analysis here on TechCrunch. One reason that can be attributed to its huge success is that it regularly features news of the new startup companies that are created along with new products and websites. Another reason can be the number of other websites that are now affiliated with it. These include CrunchBase, TechCrunch France, TechCrunch IT and many more.

There are many other examples that you can find on the internet. Each year Technocrati releases its own list of the most influential and successful blogs on the internet that can be your best source to find examples of the bloggers that have made it big.

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