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Everything You Need To Know About Your Android Smartphone – Elixir 2

Android being one of the popular mobile operating system covers a lot of features and specifications one cannot even imagine. If you are really into Android and want to know in depth details about your device, now there’s an Android which serves all the information about your Android device in a plate. Exilir 2 is the Android app using which users can get to know every in depth details about their Android smartphone.

exilir 2

Exilir 2 is a simple to use Android app which does everything it says. So here’s what Exilir 2 helps you to know about your Android smartphone.

Get To Know About Your Android Smartphone

From simple information about your Android smartphone like battery, internal and external memory information, RAM, ROM, location, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, display, airplane mode, operating system built and more.

Right from there users can configure their settings accordingly. Users can configure settings including brightness, screen time out settings, volume ringer mode, volume ringer, can clear cache, can mount/unmount SD card, can switch Bluetooth, Wi-Fi on/off a lot more features which can tweaked right from the Exilir 2 menu.

Users can also get to know more about their installed Android apps, can have a look at their codes, can send them to SD card via single click, can organize them the way they like.

With Exilir 2, users can get the details of the running apps, processes, memory they are using and more. Exilir 2 allows users to kill the apps right from its menu.

Exilir 2 Allows Users to Add Widgets too

And if you don’t like to run the app to perform a certain task, Exilir 2 allows users to add one click widget to their screen, using which users can access the information or perform a certain task via single click.

Widget is available for every other functionality Exilir 2 performs, users are free to choose the size and make of every widget. Widgets by Exilir 2 are fully customizable, can be disabled if you are not comfortable with it.

Why Use Exilir 2?

Exilir 2 is a great Android app in itself when it comes to extract the information from your Android smartphone. Such information comes in handy when users are looking to root Android phones.

Exilir 2 is free to use and works on almost Android smartphone having Android OS v2.1 and above. Interested users can download it from the Android Market.

Author Bio:- This article is written by iDev, a professional blogger who is also working on number of blogs, one of which is Android blog where they cover Android rooting tutorials and other useful Android apps.

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