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Everything You Need to Know About New TV Technologies

The technological world around us changes extremely fast. So fast actually, that sometimes we can even skip a few phases and still feel like we didn’t miss much. In the world of TVs, the technological breakthrough started with the flat screen in the 1950s and hasn’t stopped since. New features are being constantly introduced to improve the user experience and to create a better entertainment device for millions of people.

Actually, this fast evolution kept the TV in our homes for so long. Otherwise, it would have had the same faith as the fax machine or the modem. By continuously improving their products, manufacturers managed to maintain TVs on the market and even make it one of the most wanted modern gadgets.

TV Technologies

The era of high-end TVs includes features like the curved screen, slim & beautiful devices, 4K resolution, special screens that adapt to the lighting conditions and create vivid, deep colors. It sounds a bit futuristic, right? Well, let’s discuss the most important ones and see why they are so important.

The 4K UHD TVs

It sounds quite technical when you think about it, but the explanation is simple: these TVs are capable of doubling the quality offered by a TV that supports HD. You’ll get double the pixels and the number of lines on the screen so double the detail and the smoothness of movement.

The best part is that prices are starting to fall as a new type of resolution was presented at CES 2016, one that goes beyond 4K. Even more, if in 2014 you had to look a lot for 4K content, this is not the case anymore. Both televisions and online streaming services adopted the concept and now 4K content is everywhere. This means you’ll be able to see your favorite shows and sports events in extremely high quality.

So, if your TV provider doesn’t even offer HD quality when people are enjoying 4K, maybe it’s time to reconsider your options. For example, the Choice package with Direct TV is the perfect option when you want more and better content than your regular cable provider can offer.

OLED screens

OLED comes from Organic Light Emitting Diode and represents a class of screens that are not as accessible as you might want them to be. For now, OLED TVs are extremely expensive, but it is predicted a drop will happen quite soon.

These screens are way better than LCDs or LEDs as they produce their own colors and manage to create better, more vivid images. Even more, they don’t produce eyestrain and the level of consumption is very low. OLED TVs are lighter than the ones we know as they afford to get rid of some items that are vital for LCDs and LEDs.

Anyways, the future is bright as the price can only go down. However, it seems it doesn’t go down fast enough.

The overall TV experience

With the change of technology, the TV experience is also changing. We are no longer slaves of the TV schedule and we have the possibility to choose our own content. Even better, we are not limited by the device either. With online TV and online streaming services, you can view the content you want, anywhere you want it.

There are other TV technologies that help us receive a better and improved entertainment experience but these are the ones that will most likely transform the future of TV. We are looking forward to more advanced devices and better image quality!

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  • Natalie October 5, 2016, 8:18 pm

    Good article, totally agree with the the particular point that we are no longer slaves of the TV schedule and we have the possibility to choose our own content. Even better, we are not limited by the device either. I personally do not have time to follow tv schedule, I believe most of us could feel the same. If there is something interesting discovered on TV by chance, I would enjoy it, for sure. I prefer to watch what I prefer when I want to watch it, maybe it is a bit of tv revolution. What do you think?


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