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Essential Tools for Bloggers: Critical Security Measures for 2012

2011 is almost gone behind and we are sooner or later going to call everything that happened to us in this year a history. Many people are lucky enough to have learnt from the many mistakes they’ve made through the year and are shaping their lives to the better.

What have you as a blogger been able to learn in this year which you think would be a tool for you in the coming year? Did you even know that what you’ve been experiencing during this year could stand as a weapon to make your blog a better one in the next year?

There are some essential tools bloggers need; these tools, I’ve been able to capture their essence during the course of the year and I strongly believe they will be very helpful for you in the year 2012.

What are these tools? They are some tips and tricks you need to know about if you are concerned about the security of your blog and are looking for a way to secure it better.

Use a solid Password Protection

If you consider the protection of your blog an important issue, you must be ready to use a very strong password for it. Many people don’t attach much importance to the type of passwords they choose for their blogs, which ends up making them lose it to hackers.

The password you are choosing for your blog should be very strong and secure in other to avoid brute force attack. As a word of advice, I’ll recommend that your password should contain a combination of numbers, alphabets and alphanumeric symbols.

For example, my diamonds international discounts and allurez coupons blog has a password that is a combination of letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers and symbols. It will be otherwise a sheer waste of effort for someone to try using brute force attack to hack my blog.

Have a Good and Reputable Antivirus

Using a strong and secure antivirus is a great step in protecting your blog, but it is not enough to prevent it from being hacked. If viruses get into your computer and upload your password and username to a hacker, your blog will no longer be protected.

In other to prevent that from occurring to you, you have to make sure you have an antivirus program on your computer. I will recommend that you should have something like avast antivirus and make sure it is regularly updated.

It is very important that your antivirus is always up to date, because leaving your antivirus to run out of date can be dangerous.

Be Careful With Which Websites You Visit

Many people visit just any website on the internet the way they like. The type of website you visit should be websites that are safe and secure for work. If you are the type that do visit illegal sites on the internet, your blog can easily get hacked because most of those websites could illegally hijack your details from your computer and use it to hack your blog.

Author Bio:- John Edget writes for the verybestsoftware, a technology website, where he publishes news and reviews on software and applications related to internet security, antivirus, family monitoring and registry cleaning.

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  • Andy

    December 28, 2011, 10:34 am

    I use quick heal as my antivirus program. Is this enough?

    • John Edget

      January 17, 2012, 2:35 pm

      Quick heal is great, but it’s not so popular like avast, Norton and Avg which I will always recommend. But, if you feel it’s working well for you, the only thing I will say is to make sure you always keep it up-to-date.


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