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Essential Learning Aid App for Project Managers

If you’re an IT project manager chances are you have heard of the PRINCE2 qualification, a processed based methodology used as the industry standard by the UK government and widely used in the private sector internationally.  As with any extra qualifications, becoming Prince2 certified does come at a cost, but can greatly improve your chances of employment and career development. However with courses and examinations not coming cheap it is best you pass first time round.

There are many decent project management apps available, but admittedly QA’s Prince2 learning aid is probably the best in providing an in-depth study guide to Prince2 methodology- ensuring you always have access to the information on the go.  For an I-phone app that is available to download for free it provides a real in depth knowledge for anyone who is looking to pass their Prince2 training with ease or even to use as a reference point for already certified project managers. Even for someone like myself who doesn’t carry the title of project manager but is responsible for managing projects on a smaller scale the clear information and diagrams available act as an invaluable resource covering the basic principles, processes and techniques  of the Prince2 methodology.

The main features include a breakdown of management products, roles and responsibilities and a handy guide on all of the courses available should you wish to complete a Prince2 qualification- all with links to the relevant pages on the official QA training website. Although it does not include any practical system for time management, it does provide top-notch information from Prince2 training experts for free -highly recommended for anyone interested in improving the efficiency and success of their IT projects.

Author Bio:- The article is written by Jennifer Brown a business and technology blogger working in IT with a keen interest in Prince2 training and project management methodology. You can download the QA Prince2 learning aid for free from the I tunes store.