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4 Essential Android Apps Outside of Google PlayStore

Android smartphones have long enjoyed the advantage of being completely customizable. Among these advantages is the ability to use third-party applications. These often contain interesting functions such as being able to save streaming videos directly to your phone’s internal memory, the ability to block annoying pop-up ads in applications, or even more convenient shortcut functions.

While the Google PlayStore still remains the default place to download your phone’s apps, there are other interesting places that allow you to maximize your phone’s capabilities. These can be found in third-party app stores.

Let’s take a look at four of the most useful third-party Android apps:

1:- Videoder

Videoder Video & Music Downloader Android App

One of the most functional YouTube ripper applications available, the Videoder app allows you to search for YouTube videos and download them in a variety of formats. These formats include 1080p and MP3. It’s a great alternative to simply saving the YouTube videos in its own offline storage and refreshing them when the content expires.

These downloaded files can be accessed at any time using any media player you have installed. With Videoder, you can simply set a download directory within your phone and rip your favorite content straight off of YouTube.


2:- Adaway

Adaway Android App

While most Android apps are free, they also come with a lot of ads that can pop up online and distract you. And unfortunately, the Google Play Store has blocked all apps that block ads. However, these ads can be addressed by downloading Adaway.

Once installed, the app searches for apps with ads and lists them down in its library. By blocking the ads from loading in the application, you save extra data credits and keep your bandwidth focused solely on the applications you want to run.


3:- MiXplorer

MiXplorer android app

MiXplorer is a file browser with some extra tools. It comes with a powerful search function, support for reading compressed file formats, integration with 19 cloud providers, and built-in media players. The app is free and not ad-supported, with a customizable material design theme.

Despite the contemporary look, it is also compatible with Android devices running OS v2.0+. However, you may require root access to access some of the more advanced features of this app.


4:- Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle Android App

Humble Bundle is another way to get paid games at lower prices. Most of the games you buy are grouped together in packages with prices that you set yourself.

Each bundle contains ten games. By paying more than $1, you get three of those games; seven if you pay more than the average set price across all users. The eighth can be purchased for paying more than $6; and the last two can be unlocked once the total revenue for the bundle reaches a certain level.


The Humble Bundle app can be downloaded directly to your device. This functions as the game store app to download and update your purchased games, but these must be bought through the Humble Bundle website first.

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  • Abhilash PS

    July 29, 2016, 11:44 am

    Thanks for Videoder, Its effective than tubemate. You listed some good apps, I wonder why they’re not in Google play?


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