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Enjoy the 7th Generation of iPod Nano!

It would have been a renowned fact by now that Apple comes up with an improvised version of its product, after every 12 months. It is way too unpredictable with the Apple devices, but the fact remains the same that Apple Corp focuses on improving the existing features instead of adding new features to their devices. Be it a big Macbook or a small iPod Nano, every time Apple astonishes the users with their innovations.

Let us see, the improvisations they have made with their 7th generation of iPod Nano:


ipod nano desing
The new iPod Nano is 5.4 mm thin; it is almost the same size of a credit card. It fits really well in your fifth pocket and you wouldn’t actually realize carrying it. The multi-touch display is 2.5-inch, which is two times bigger than its elder brother. The size of the screen allows you to enjoy more of music, videos and photos. You cannot miss on the wide variety of colors it comes with.

Great Music:

ipod music

You can tap and play a list of songs based on artists or albums. You do not have to take a lot of pain to switch any song; all you need to do is, gently shake it and the song changes. Adjusting volumes, pausing the song and resuming it have been made easier.

The cool thing about this iPod Nano is, you can become a DJ. Don’t you believe it? If you’re listening to a song and you want to be in the same mood, then tap on ‘Genius’, this will create a Genius playlist that will contain songs of similar kind. Have a great feel of DJ and enjoy your music.

Enjoy Videos:

nano videos

Little is sometimes more.This 2.5-inch multi-touch screen enables you to watch videos. These videos may include the episodes of TV shows, movies and free video podcasts too. Fast-forwarding, stopping, and rewinding a video are all that you can do with a single tap. As it is extremely portable, you can carry it and watch videos anytime and anywhere you go.

Bluetooth technology:

You must be exciting to know that the new iPod Nano comes with a 4.0 built-in Bluetooth. This makes you to get rid of the annoying wires. Now, if you have Bluetooth headphones and supported speakers, then you can have a great music experience while driving your car. What more you could have asked for!

Overall, this credit card-sized iPod Nano is an eye arresting device. If you’re looking for a small, cheaper and something which slips into your pockets easily, then we must say your wait is over. iPodNano has all features that you could have imagined. Go for it and you will know what we mean.

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