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Encryption of Emails Going Viral: Reasons for the Increasing Importance

In today’s modern world, emails are viewed as a business tool for transferring sensitive and critical data. It is even more important to offer a robust, manageable, and highly secure encryption service to the users of an organization to prevent any chances of data snooping. Since almost all the businesses make use of emails to transmit confidential data like passwords or financial data, the encryption of emails has been gaining more importance of late.

If you are looking out for specific reasons for the increasing importance of email encryption, here’s all that you need to know.

Email Encryption Isn’t a Choice but Rather Necessity

Email encryption has to be the main component of any company’s security strategy. All kinds of businesses have to be able to secure the confidential messages and send them without making it too complicated for the end user to read. There are many methods available today to make the whole process of encryption much simpler. It’s just that businesses as well as individuals have to understand the need for email encryption and follow it.

The encryption systems have to be interoperable, reliable, and should have the least impact on the productivity of the workplace. For something so vital to the success of a business in a compliance-based scenario, it is shocking to see there are few businesses that still fail to get encryption right.

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Data Losses Can be Disastrous

The threat of loss of sensitive data is an issue that has been growing worldwide. The reason for the increasing popularity of email encryption is simple. Today, we reside in a world that makes us susceptible online to hackers, who look out daily to steal account numbers, identities, social security numbers, business information, and other such sensitive personal identification details. This is the main reason that every business has the responsibility to secure themselves, their employees’, and their clients’ sensitive details. Such sensitive data needs to be encrypted before being transmitted online in such a way that only the intended person can read the details. In simple terms, no intruder must be able to decipher the message, even if he/she manages to intercept it accidentally.

Growing Popularity across All Sectors

As substantiation to the fact that email encryption has been going viral, we can say that almost every business sector is using this technology, including the banking sector, brokerage firms, and IT firms, to name a few. Many websites have also started to identify the significance of email encryption, specifically as users voice their privacy issues. It is vital for businesses to secure confidential details by sending encrypted mails.

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Microsoft Outlook Supports Encryption by Default

If you are using an email service that is locally installed like the Microsoft Outlook, it will let you send and receive encrypted mails. Apart from this, there are other email encryption services that let you send protected emails without using encryption keys or downloading the software. Such services work on any web enabled device or email client.

It is always better that the businesses actually understand the consequences of opting out from such security measures for email encryption. Taking steps to avoid such security attacks is easier to accomplish than bearing the ugly consequences.

Having understood all this, the state and federal agencies themselves have come forward to monitor companies and penalize those who fail to safeguard Personally Identifiable Information, and put the personal identities of their employees at risk.

So, it’s no more a matter of choice, but rather a matter of dire need today; give a serious thought to the encryption of emails in your organization if you haven’t done it already.

Author Bio:- Jolie at a hosted email providing agency, and believes that encrypted email has certainly become the need of the hour. She recommends everyone to send only secure mails, and also put a 2-step authentication in place, to safeguard their email accounts from being hacked.

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