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Email Security Tips to Help You Protect Your Email from Hackers

There is nothing better in this life than to wake up in the morning and go to work and come back without fearing anything. As we all know, hackers are on the prone every single day. An online hacker has the abilities to hack through into many people’s privacy by stealing valuable information and confidential data from individuals, and corporate organizations without the owner’s consent.

If your email is the only source of communication between you and your employees as a business man, it is highly advisable for you to learn some new ways in protecting such email so as to prevent unauthorized access to your email by hackers. This article is very important for you as a security measure in protecting your data over the internet. Below are some important tips on getting the maximum protection your email deserves.

Always use https when logging into your email

The word HTTPS represent hyper text transfer protocol and security sockets layer. This feature protects your valuable information from others and also prevents them from stealing it. Since they don’t have access to it, how can they steal it? It is impossible for them to do so. And this service is quite good because you can use it anywhere throughout the whole world but you have to make sure that you don’t use the normal http which is always prone to hackers.

Use Good Password to protect your email

One major precaution that you can take in order to protect your email from been hacked is to use a password that is very hard to memorize by any person. Use passwords that will be hard for people to guess at any time. You should also make sure that you frequently change your password at least twice in a week in order to prevent internet bad-heads to access your online email account because they have all necessary software that they can use to maneuver their way into your mailbox. The type of password that you should use must have numeric figures and numbers formulated with upper case and lower case alphabets, and, by so doing, it will become easier for you to protect your email account from hackers. For maximum protection you have to change it frequently.

Update your browser regularly

If you really want to prevent your email from being accessed by hackers you should make sure to update your computer browser regularly. Don’t use old version browser to access your email when browsing because, this can lead to malicious attacks. It is highly advisable for you to keep your browser up to date with the current internet requirements.

Up to date adjustment of your password

Though, I have made mention of this earlier on, but the main point here is not to mention it again but to add another important advice to the aforementioned one. Make it a point of duty to change your password as frequent as possible. Don’t allow negative thing to happen before you take a step to do this because “a stitch in time, saves nine”. For this reason, it will give you more confidence in browsing through the internet and your email address without you facing any glitch from hackers.

Scan your Computer Regularly

After your password, your computer is the next target to internet hackers because they know plainly that it is the power house of everything you do online and by hacking your computer, it will make it easier for them to have access to your password and username in order to do as they used to do. To prevent hackers, you should be very careful of how you download files from the internet and make sure you scan every file that you download from the internet. You should also make sure you run a scan at least three times per week in order to avoid infection on your computer system.

With these tips, getting ahead of hackers is possible once you can carefully follow these steps. After then you can be sure that your email and passwords are protected against hackers on the internet.

Author:- This is a guest post written by Bamdel T a Securityguy who can help you learn more about choosing great wireless security systems.

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  • lanh

    May 10, 2011, 10:30 am

    Thanks for the tips, I have a few employees, these tips are definitely worth enforcing.


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