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Electronics You Should Purchase Used

We’ve all heard that a new car’s value goes down as soon as you’ve driven it away from the dealership. For the frugal shopper, cars are not the only commodity that should be purchased used. There are many more examples of goods that you can get a great deal on if you’re willing to sacrifice the shiny new smell, but here are a few pricey ones that are well worth your time:


A brand new “smart” phone can cost you hundreds of dollars—more if you don’t want to sign a new contract. If you want to find a far better deal, try searching for what you want on EBay. Usually there are plenty of used—and sometimes even entirely new—phones that are being sold at discount prices. You can get a great deal and a great phone for a fraction of the manufacturer’s price. Of course you have to be wary of scams any time you deal with an unknown person online, but most EBay transactions are safe, secure, and help save you money.

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Computers (and other expensive electronics)

Computers are another expensive device that you can often find great deals on if you don’t buy them brand new. A new laptop will only last a few years before it dies or just becomes too slow. Refurbished computers are a great option. There are many reputable companies that deal in used computers and can help you find what you are looking for.

Medical Equipment

We all know health care is expensive, but so is vital medical equipment. If you have an aging loved one, or even a pet that you need to purchase veterinary equipment for, luckily there are many options that don’t come with a new sticker price. It’s fairly simple to find a company near you that deals in refurbished medical equipment. If you find a company that repairs medical equipment, they are likely to sell the refurbished devices, or know where you can find someone who does.

These days, with tools like EBay and Amazon it’s easier than ever to find a great deal on used goods. Shop wisely and you can find a great product that’s easy on your wallet!

By-line: Erick D. Smith lives in Southern California and blogs about technology and San Diego medical equipment repair. If you are just starting a medical practice or are thinking of purchasing medical equipment, consider cost-saving benefits of used or refurbished equipment.

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