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Electronic Textbooks and Their Impact in Transforming Mode of Education in Technological Era

Electronic textbook is equivalent to a traditional textbook, which contains content, pictures, and illustrations for an effective learning system. On average, a student spends around $900 or more in buying curriculum textbook from the college campus, and it’s really cumbersome for him to spend money on the purchase of books every session being already burdened with college and tuition fees. As a functional alternate, Electronic textbook are playing an important role in the modern educational system since students can easily buy these books from online resources and libraries spending little money at all. As compared to traditional textbooks, Ebooks are cost-effective and affordable for a student to consider. Being digitally published, these textbooks are readable on almost all types of devices from personal computer to handy tablets, and from college tablets to sleek notebook. The advent of upgraded phase of traditional textbooks has transformed the mode of education.

With the traditional textbooks’ prices talking with the sky, students are facing serious trouble in arranging money to buy relevant books for their each and every study session. The fact being very critical, e-books have apparently become more comfortable and convenient in the reading considering the affordability prospects of the students. They might need to spend only 200 dollars or less for purchasing ebooks for their every study session or grade, and this makes sense. The technology has revolutionized the entire world and impacted the lifestyle of every person on the earth. The technology being easily accessible today, students feel more inclined to opt for modernize modes of studies rather than sticking to outmoded ones. They love using their mobile phone; taking into account their interest with the electronic devices, it’s ascertained that they may read, understand, and learn better using e-books on their mobile phone or tablets. E-books come into different formats and are compatible with just their respective digital readers. That means a student has to be familiar with which device the ebook can be used or read knowing its format. Electronic textbooks have made it possible for doing joined study; the book can be edited, and shared online in its relevant format, it allows student to share their annotations with their friends and study together in a convenient environment without any interruption. The only drawback of ebook was that it could not be edited easily and for students had to use specific software(s) for making notations and points on the book. Now, this problem has been solved for the students to ease-out their learning process.

Student can print out e-books and distribute in their circle, it’s very plausible as printer devices are available almost everywhere from home to college library. Instead of spending thousand of dollars on traditional textbooks, student can buy one copy of ebook and make several copies for his friends and folks. E-books are geared towards a progressive learning program developing more interest in the study. Hence, they are pretty much changing the way student used to study in school and colleges; indeed they have made learning more vibrant and engaging for the students of 21st century.

Author Bio:- Guest Post by Shah: Today you can find lots of student websites providing quality content either in the form of essays, articles or ebooks to assist students accessing the required content free of cost.

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  • Kittu

    March 13, 2012, 12:47 pm

    Hi Bilal Ahmad, the fact you mentioned in the post are absolutely correct that students are facing a huge problem in buying books, but this eBooks are helping them a lot.


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