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Ebooks for Smartphone: Treat Your Tablet as Portable Book Library

Remember when the eBook used to be the gadget-to-beat before year 2000 came in? I recall people spending 400$-450$ just to get hold of a handheld device that can store hundreds of books. Yes, I said “hundreds”. Handheld device memory, during those days, is limited to almost 1 GB and the ebook sources are scarce as well. Unfortunately, the grandfathered eBooks of the late nineties experienced early extinction.

A decade later, the smart phone industry boom and the proliferation of wireless internet breathed new life to the eBook industry. The smart phones of our generation can hold thousands of eBook files and internet can be accessed anywhere so eBook enthusiasts can have a field day anytime, anywhere.

Smartphones’ screen sizes range from 3-4.5 inches diagonally. The need to increase the smart phone screen size paved the way for the invention of the tablet. With tablet screen sizes ranging from 7-10.1 inches, eBook readers can now enjoy a bigger view.

When you treat your tablet as portable book library you are in for a joy ride. Tablets now have processors which allow you to open five to six books at the same time. Most big-screen smart phones and tablets released from 2010 onwards have anti-glare screens which are identical to the screens of the most expensive eBook readers; thereby making reading easier. Tablets are notorious battery drainers. A standard tablet battery can last up to 2.5-3 hours if you are playing games and browsing at the same time. Battery lasts longer though if you have only one to two eBooks opened.  If you are a traveller who reads a lot, I suggest you pack on some spare batteries for your tablet for an uninterrupted reading experience.

Another good thing when you treat your tablet as portable book library would be the convenience a tablet brings in to every facet of your life where technology needs to interfere. You are working on a book review? Most tables have picture in picture capabilities which allows you to view two to three screens at the same time. Make real time commentaries on the eBook that you have just read or reply to the eBook comments and testimonials real time. Tablets nowadays weigh less than the standard eBook reader. Carrying a tablet with you wherever you go will never cause you muscular strain. If you are into aesthetics, tablets can also be dressed up casings and other accessories which make it look more “personalized”. If you are outdoors most of the time, I suggest you get a shock proof, dust proof and water proof casing. Having a sturdy cases really takes away all of your worries every time you drop or spill over your precious gadget.

Ok, now that the good things and benefits have been said, this one last benefit is the most important of all. Downloading eBooks via your tablet is free: all you need is a working tablet and a stable internet connection. There are some eBooks which require a minimal fee prior to downloading, but almost all that’s out there are downloadable free of charge.

Author Bio:- Avirat as team lead at Prismic Reflections. Prismic Reflections provides top class Web design and development services to their clients.

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