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Easily Turn Off LCD NoteBook/Laptop Screen Manually

turn off laptop/notebook lcd screenIf some one calls you and you have to leave your NoteBook OR Laptop for some time and you don’t want to completely turn off your NoteBook OR Laptop, then it is better to only Turn Off your LCD screen and go for your work. Turning Off only LCD Screen can also save Battery timing and you can run your Laptop OR NoteBook for long time, depending on your battery total running time.

Turn Off LCD is a free software which will manually turn off you LCD Screen and turn on by pressing Power button, when you come back from your work. This is a great application for those, who just want to listen music on there Laptop OR Notebook and don’t want to turn on LCD screen. Using Turn Off LCD you can easily turn off your Laptop/Note Book LCD screen manually and turn it on at any time. One of the important advantage of this software is that it will not turn off LCD screen automatically during your working on your Laptop/Note Book. Turn off only when you want to turn off.

How to Use Turn OFF LCD with NoteBook/Laptop

Download Turn OFF LCD software and just click on the executable file to Turn OFF your Laptop/Notebook LCD Screen. There is no need to install the software, just click on the software, when you want to turn off your Laptop. The software is compatible with all windows, XP, Vista, Windows 7 etc.

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