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Draw Hand Made Graffiti and Post it to Twitter

Instead of using ready made images to share on twitter, you can also create your own images (Graffiti) to post it in your twitter. There are free services which allows you to draw graffiti and share with your followers. All the graffiti you creates are automatically stored in the Graffiti gallery and any one can vote your hand made pictures.
I found 3 services which are offering you to draw graffiti and post it to your twitter account.

1. TwitPaint

This is a free service, where you can draw graffiti (Hand Made Images and text base icons). There is no need to create account with twitpain, because this a twitter application and you can use your twitter account. Login to TwitPaint using your twitter login information and start drawing. All the graffiti will goes to the Twit Paint Gallery where you can get votes from others. You can also share the graffiti on twitter.

2. TwitDraw

This is another cool and great service. I personally like TwitDraw, because it is more advance and enhanced as compare to TwitPaint. You can perform the similar functions on TwitDraw, as TwitPaint provides you. Draw Graffiti and post it your twitter account. These graffiti will also goes to the TwitDraw gallery.

3. TwitPen

It is free, fast way to share graffiti on twitter. Not only you can send these images to twitter, but you also send the images to your friends via email. You can draw images by hand and post the images to your twitter account. There are variety, funffiti, graffiti and brushes available to draw cool and beautiful hand made images.

All the above services are free and you can draw hand made images. You can share the images on twitter,facebook and via email. Don’t forget to share your comments.

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  • Chand

    February 4, 2010, 3:42 pm

    mkakan@ Thanks for your appreciation.

  • mk akan

    February 3, 2010, 11:25 pm

    like Borat would say,…nice ..very nice..i have been digging through your post.i like what i see…


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