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Don’t Be a Silent Blogger, Get Working on Those Comments!

You’re a blogger. You write about stuff everyday. You write and write and write some more until you’re blue in the face. End result? You have several posts per week. You’re just not sure they get read at all.

Why don’t you have a clue as to whether or not your blog entries get read? Well, because no one makes their presence felt on your blog. It’s like you have ghost readers. How do you rectify the situation?

Traffic Tracker

Sure, you have a traffic monitoring application installed on your blog but this doesn’t tell you much except that someone somewhere clicked on a link that lead to your blog post. The person may or may not have read the actual post.

They may have simply scanned through the page but didn’t actually read the entire article.

While a traffic monitoring application tells you which posts were clicked, how many times a visitor has been to your blog, it still doesn’t say much about how your blog was received.

There is no actual interaction between you and the clickers. There is only statistical data – which may not even be that accurate considering there are proxy servers that redirect the location of the surfer to another locale.

Virtual Footprint: Make Your Presence Known

Leaving your virtual footprint is not always a bad thing in cyberspace – especially if you are promoting something online.

Take for instance, commenting on blog posts. If you are a blogger, receiving comments on your posts gives you a certain kind of joy because it’s a form of encouragement.

In like manner, when you leave comments on blog posts of others, you are giving other bloggers encouragement and perhaps even inspiration.

Commenting on blog posts allows other people, especially blog owners, to know that you’re in cyberspace. That’s at least a start.

Now, you know how you’re asked to leave your email or web address on the comment “form?” Readers and blog owners can click on your link which will lead them to your blog!

Voila! You’ve just gained another reader!

Imagine the number of potential readers you can get per day if you leave several good comments on blog posts. Now that’s one way of increasing traffic that counts!

As for comments on your own posts by readers, you should be careful to always acknowledge your commenters because they are the ones who can help you gain more followers.

You should know that blogs have random readers and they have steady followers. If your posts are consistently good, you will most likely get your own steady following. But good posts do not always guarantee that.

This is where the comments and commenters come in. Bloggers need to build virtual relationships with their readers in order to get the readers to come back for more posts. One of the best ways to keep them coming back for more is to comment on their comments.

You are not only acknowledging your readers’ comments, you are also presenting the opportunity for a dialogue.

Pretty soon, you could find yourself exchanging ideas with your readers plus when other readers put in their two cents’ worth; you will have some sort of a forum right on your blog, with everyone pitching in their thoughts.

Commenting therefore is an integral part of blogging. It’s something you have to get used to doing if you want your blog to get high up on the page ranks.

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  • Steve

    October 22, 2012, 12:25 pm

    Great post Bilal! I’m trying to encourage my visitors to start commenting. I just installed Comment Luv recently, so I’m hoping that helps! 🙂

    • Bilal Ahmad

      October 22, 2012, 9:25 pm

      Steve@ Comment Luv is good to keep your readers engaged and give them value as well.


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