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Does the iPhone 5 Live up to the Hype

The new Smartphone from Apple had a build up worthy of the greatest Christmas day ever as for months every leaked detail of the soon to be seen iPhone 5 was scrutinized and appraised on internet forums. With all this hype we all expected pre order numbers to be high but nobody though 2 million units would be sold prior to the release date and that was in just 24 hours. With this sort of pressure the iPhone 5 was going to have to be pretty impressive. Well we’ve all had our handsets for a few weeks now and can give a report to how good they really are.

The first thing that you will notice is that the new iPhone is a proper update and not just a face lift as the new and improved features are significantly better than in previous models. The screen is bigger, the processor faster and the new iOS software keeps everything working perfectly. Apple knows that they have a structure that works and have not deviated too far away from what is undoubtedly a successful strategy. However they have managed to improve on earlier models in almost every way.

There is no ‘I’ in team but there is a ‘me’ and this Smartphone is all about keeping the user happy. The iPhone 5 looks beautiful in every way and whilst other handsets might do things just as well they don’t feel and look as special. It’s a bit like the difference between a good watch and a handmade Swiss timepiece. The Apple handset just shouts quality in everything that it does and for those of you who like to show off to friends there is no better all round handset available.

Everything just seems to fit together seamlessly with the polished sides and the superb screen coming together in perfect union. The white, silver backed model has a different appearance from other previous models which really gives the design a new lease of life. The phone is slimmer and significantly lighter than older models which is a great improvement. At 112g and 7.2mm this is the thinnest, lightest iPhone ever built and these improvements are very noticeable.

One of the biggest bug bearers of the new model was the new dock connecter which is different from other models. However the new connecter is a lot easier to use as it is smaller and reversible so that you can’t plug it in the wrong way round.

The larger screen is an absolute revelation as it now measures 4 inches. This gives you room for another row of apps as well as making movies more fun to watch and web pages easier to view. The retina display seems to be richer than everwith sharp and clear images that are almost lifelike.

Add to this the massive improvement to the front camera so that Skype chatting and Face Time are far superior experiences than with earlier models and you are still only just breaking the surface of all that the new iPhone 5 has to offer.

There really is too much to list so the only way to really appreciate what this Smartphone can do is to get one and find out for yourself.

Author Bio:- SteffanyKellam is graduated student from economic university. She loves to write when she has free time. Her favorite product now is iphone 5.

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  • Rabia Akram

    November 5, 2012, 1:02 pm

    it has failed to live up to its hype,there is no real innovation..


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