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Does Load Testing have a Future

Load testing can be very beneficial for a business because it demonstrates how the firm’s website will perform when it is placed under extreme pressure. A sudden increase in visitor traffic and user behaviour, such as uploads and downloads, can put a significant amount of strain on your system and cause your website to crash.

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Of course, a crashed website is bad news for business, especially if that site has ecommerce functions. For the duration that the site is down, potential new customers will be receiving error messages along with a bad impression of the company.

Load testing can be used to test and predict how a website and computer system will cope when it is put under pressure. This will allow the business to spot when the site may be at risk of crashing in the future and take steps to prevent this from happening.

Some experts claim that load testing may be on the way out, stating that other techniques have rendered it unnecessary. These techniques and approaches include scalable architecture, continuous integration, good single-user performance and good instrumentation.

While these approaches are all very useful and can complement load testing, they do not replace it. There is still always a chance that a system can crash when it is put under a heavy load.

The experts have said that load testing may not have a future because many social media sites do not use load testing and they cope with mountains of user traffic. However, anyone who has ever received the error message when Twitter reaches full capacity will know that even large companies can see their websites fail when too great a load is placed on it.

And what do people do when Twitter crashes? They take to all the other social networks to moan about Twitter, which does its reputation no good at all.

Load testing can be a very useful tool for businesses, especially, as we have mentioned, ones that form relationships with their clients and sell products to their customers online.

While a social network may just get ridiculed for crashing, you will effectively be losing valuable time and money every time that your website goes down, so it is very important to take measures to stop this from occurring.

If you want to prevent your website from crashing and damaging your company’s reputation, then you would be wise to consider load testing.

You should also consider performance testing any mobile sites and smart phone applications that your company uses too. It is just as vital to ensure that these facilities can cope with a heavy load and will never crash on the user.

External feeds may also cause your website to crash. Perhaps you have a map application integrated into your site, a news feed or a social network feed. It is important to test how these will affect your site when they come under a heavy user load too.

Load testing does indeed have a future and investing time into preparing your company for the unexpected now may well save you a lot of embarrassment and money later.

Author Bio:- HirenChauhan Consultant at www.starbase.co.uk, specialists in load testing and performance testing.

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