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Does Every Kid Have a Cell Phone?

If your kids have cells phones, or smartphones they are among the majority, because most kids have them and for very good reason. According to a recent Consumers Report, 6 out of 10 kids, ages 8-to 12 years old have a cell phone. The report cited these primary reasons these parents provided their kids with cell phones, first off, security (84 %) for highly independent and mobile children, tracking their after school activity (74 %) and because they wanted one (16%). A surprising 27% of these lucky kids got a smartphone.

So the next obvious question is “do parents regret their decision?” Only 16 percent of the parents regretted purchasing the cell phone for their kids and only 3 percent of the parents reported problems with sexting or cyber-bullying. With all of the concerns about kids and cell phone abuse, these numbers are encouraging, unless the kids involved in these activities are your kids.

About Monitoring Cell Phones

The most important benefit of cell phone monitoring is knowing for a fact that your kids are using their cell phone or smart phone properly, not being bullied and not getting into illegal activity such as sexting. You will be able to intervene and provide the necessary parenting before things get out of hand. You will also be able to sleep better at night, knowing exactly what your kids are doing at all times.

You can also guide your kids if you see they are getting into troublesome habits such as excessive texting or calls to and from kids who are likely to get them into trouble. You can get some cell phone monitoring programs that will allow you to set controls, such as limiting the number of text messages or blocking calls to and from certain numbers. The better programs will also alert you for specific language on text messages such as the slang phrases that are used for sexting.

In addition to monitoring your kid’s cell phone use, many programs have enhanced GPS to locate a lost or stolen cell phone, in addition to monitoring the thief’s use of the cell phone.

How to Choose the Best Monitoring Software?

Fortunately, there are many reviews comparing features, prices and ease of use of cell phone monitoring software. Think about the features you need and those you will need, which makes purchasing a feature rich program a smart idea. You also want a program that can be used on many different devices. Consider that kids often lose their phone, have it stolen, drop it, drown it or simply break it. They may also outgrow the first device and transition to a more feature rich cell phone or smart phone. If you purchase a range of features, a program that is device ubiquitous you will not likely have to repurchase but can simply upgrade when needed.

Robbie Tobin writes about parenting in a world of new technology and for PhoneSheriff, one of the best cell phone monitoring programs available today.

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  • Delmar Contreras

    June 14, 2013, 11:19 am

    I think it’s too early for young children to have access to smart phones. If the purpose of providing kids cellphones is to keep in touch with them constantly, then the cheaper feature phones should suffice.


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