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Do I Need Unified Communications?

The business world is changing, with more businesses becoming reliant on the use of technology in their day to day business operations. And with technology advancing all the time, it is making communicating within an organization, as well as external clients, easier all the time.

However, there may be some late adopters in business that may be wondering whether they need unified communications within their organization. This can depend on a few factors, but the crux of it is that having unified communications in a business, whether it’s a small independent company or a large corporation, can help improve many daily business interactions and create a unified workforce.

Unified CommunicationsThe Benefits of Unified Communications

If you are considering installing a unified communication system, you will soon realize the benefits. Many businesses are still functioning on systems that operate separately to one another, using a stand-alone email, telephone and data sharing system. This may well work fine on the whole, but it is worth considering whether there are elements of your business communications and processes that could benefit from one complete system that incorporates all elements of communication.

For companies that operate nationally or even globally, it is essential that they can easily communicate and share information across various mediums with colleagues and even clients. So installing a unified communication system that allows this to function more easily is a must. It will not only save a business time, but it will also help to save money and improve business operations in the long run.

Not only that, but many companies are now operating remotely with employees working in the field or from home. This is made far easier if they have the right equipment and communication systems in place, allowing them to use one simple interface to communicate with workers and clients alike and access essential data and documents.

Choosing the right system

Naturally, each individual company will have different requirements for communication and there are a whole range of systems out there to make your business communications a lot more straightforward.
When deciding if you need unified communications take the time to access your current uses and requirements for communication, both internally and externally within your organization.

If you have the need to host conference calls with members all around the world, it will be of significant importance to have a system that will allow you to do this effectively. Systems like Cisco WebEx, gives businesses reliable and secure online meeting capability, so you can talk and share information face to face wherever you are.
For companies who rely on having constant communication on up to date data, the Microsoft Lync is the perfect solution. It is a simple unified communication system that will allow you to stay in touch and up to date on any device at any time.

There are other reliable and secure phone systems like Swyx, which will gives users an integrated communication system where they can send instant messages, a contact center functionality and high-tech call management. This is particularly useful for companies who operate using phones and require effective call management.

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