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Do Game Design Schools Work?

In recent times there has been a huge increase in people wanting to work in the gaming industry, so much so that many colleges and universities around the world now act as game design schools for people to study.  This has led to many gamers, designers and various people deciding that they want a career in the game industry, and that taking a degree at a game design school is the easiest way to do it.  This has to be questioned, and it is important to work out whether or not a career in game design needs attendance of a game design school to happen before you are seriously considered.

Gain important design skills

Many people who attend a university or college with the idea of studying game design have only a basic knowledge of programming or game design software.  Whilst this is not a problem, it means that they will be learning everything about more advanced programming and coding during the course.  This means that the course at the school will give them the knowledge they require to take advantage of the gaming jobs that the industry offer.  Taking on a course in game design gives you the skills you need to be able to code great games, come up with brilliant ideas, and even pitch them to potential buyers or investors.  The skills that you gain are undeniable important, and in comparison to someone who has been doing some basic coding at home, you might be in a better position.  It is important to remember that whilst you do gain a good education, it is extremely broad, and with the amount of people taking on these kind of courses, the competition for jobs upon graduation is extremely huge.

But do the big studios want you?

This creates a new problem, and one that Electronic Arts (EA) has claimed is one they are very wary of.  EA have stated that game design schools do not work, and the people that they end up hiring from them are far too generalised in their education, and take a lot more training before they are ready to work for them.  EA are basically saying that the course is too broad, and does not give them the kind of employees that they want.  It is important to remember that as one of the biggest game developers in the world, EA hold a lot of clout and their ideas should not be ignored.  They believe that if the game designers they have are taking an easy course, then they will not be able to cope with the demands that they put on them.  This may point to the fact that game design schools are quite simply not fit for purpose and need to redesign their courses.  If the big game studios decide that they will not hire people from these places, then the courses become worthless.  It is important that everyone remembers this before they commit to a course.

Committing to a course

So do game design schools work?  They definitely give people the right skills for the job, but with a company like EA claiming they might not give them the right employability the argument has to remain.  Are game design schools fit for purpose, if EA have their own way then they are not, and it looks like the colleges will have to try and reinvent their courses in the very near future.

Author Bio:- This article is written by James who has a keen interest in game design software and it’s uses. He is trying to work out whether game design schools are really of benefit to the future developers of the industry.