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Do.Com – A Powerful Task Management App

Staying organized in today’s high-paced frenetic workplace is an entire skill set in itself. I spent an entire year testing various task management software applications in hopes of finding something could help me keep my professional and personal life organized and on track.

When one first enters the world of task management software, one quickly discovers there are basically two worlds:  highly functional software apps and beautifully designed software apps.  Rarely, however, does one discover a highly functional software app that is also beautifully designed and extremely intuitive.  After sifting through dozens of apps, I finally found one that does everything I need and actually looks beautiful!  Enter:  Do.Com.  (www.do.com)

do task management

The Basics

Do is a complete social productivity software platform.  The tagline the company uses in their messaging is “Get Work Done.”  And that really is the heartbeat of Do’s incredible functionality.  Sure, there are nice little bells and whistles, but the app focuses on its core functionality, which is to get you, the user, to get work done.


A dominant characteristic of Do is its scalability.  In other words, the software is a great tool for solopreneurs who are managing their own workload.  But, it is also incredibly effective for larger organizations.

Organize Projects

For small to medium sized companies, Do provides incredible functionality in the project management domain.  Much more than simply a software app to track individual tasks, Do allows users to organize complicated projects and easily track tasks inside of these projects.  It is very intuitive and simple to invite additional team members into a project, track expenses and income, make notes, etc.

Take Notes

In meetings, no longer do you need to take notes in a word application and then transfer it somewhere else.  The “Take Notes” app in Do allows you to take notes in a meeting directly in Do, which makes sharing and accessing notes later incredibly easy.


Within Do, you can send and receive files, attachments, and contact lists.  Forget having to open your email and attach documents.  You can now send those right inside Do.

Calendar Sync

Of course you can set due dates on your tasks, but it is also very easy to sync these due dates with your favorite calendar.

Mobile Access

In today’s mobile world, Do could be the best task management software app in the universe, but if there was no mobile app, it wouldn’t cut it.  Fortunately, there is!  The Android and iPhone app allow you to access your Do account on the go.

Sales Processing

If your business role includes sales, Do is very powerful.  Not only can you track opportunities for contacts, customers, and companies in Do, but Do also syncs with Salesforce, which is incredible because Salesforce is quickly becoming an industry standard for CRM purposes.

It’s not easy to find a task management software that not only works, but is also beautifully designed.  Remember, Steve Jobs didn’t invest the first smart phone.  He simply rolled out the first phone that was not only smart, but was also unbelievably intuitive and beautifully designed.  In the same sense, this is what Do has accomplished.  Do has successfully taken something as monotonous as task management, and made it easy to use and beautiful to look at.

Author Bio:- Danielle Thomas is a graduate from  Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California,  now working as a freelance writer, entrepreneur and researcher. She covers a wide range of topics for www.merchantseek.com  with a particular interest in technology, the Internet, and the emerging business systems of the 21st century.

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