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DISH Network might have to shut off your DVR

dish networkIn the five year battle of the two television programming giants, it might just seem like the Dish vs. TiVo case may never come to a close. With appeal after appeal, reaching an agreement of some sort will not come easy. It all started with TiVo’s claims of the DVR system violating copyright infringement laws. Of course, if this were to be the ruling of the judge presiding over the case, there would be quite a bit of aftermath to figure out. What would happen to the long list of DISH Network customers who currently use the DVR every day? Do these customers have any rights?

While the dispute is about getting the DVR back from DISH into the hands of TiVo, the case is really about who will receive the future monthly income from the handy little device-not how to take it away from DISH subscribers. Customers of both TiVo and DISH should all rest easy considering the fact that whoever ends up winning this dispute will undoubtedly offer this technology to any customer who wants it. The question is when will the dispute end? With appeal after appeal, this five year battle has the definite potential to last more like 15 or 20 years.

One option that has been suggested is to work out a settlement between the two companies in which DISH will pay licensing fees per subscriber per month. This is one of the more probable outcomes of the case since there are currently so many DVR subscribers who rely upon its technology each and every day. If this were to be the outcome, DVR users would not notice any change at all in their monthly programming. Something else to consider that should put all DVR users at ease is the fact that regardless of whether or not DISH ends up having to pay a monthly allotment to TiVo, they will still get to use the technology they have grown to love over the years. Having the ability to pause, record, fast forward and rewind shows is an ability that will continue to be offered in the future, regardless of the outcome of the DISH Network vs. TiVo case.

About Author:- Eric Rea is a college student, avid athlete, and a part time blogger. You can check out his blog DISH Network here.