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Digital Camera Lens Fixes

For most people, capturing precious moments in life is just as important as living them. Digital cameras are a popular choice in preserving these moments as they are easy to use, they provide professional-like options for amateurs and they make sharing pictures very convenient. They are not without their faults, of course, but thankfully some of these don’t require technicians to fix them.

camera lens fix it

The one problem every digital camera usually encounters is the lens error. This could be the lens not fully expanding, not retracting, expanding then retracting with the camera shutting off or just plainly not working. The usual suspects are the camera getting dropped or particles getting stuck within the moving parts.

Fortunately, sending your camera to a Sony or Olympus or Canon repair center and spending a lot of money isn’t totally necessary if your camera gets a lens error. Here are a couple of things you can try to get that darned lens working again:

Particle Problem

If you think particles are the cause, you can try the following:

  • Use an airblaster or a can of compressed air to blow the particle that’s keeping the lens stuck. Use it around the entire edge of the lens to make sure.
  • Take a small piece of paper or a pin and insert it into the slits in the edges around the lens.
  • Tap the edges of the barrel softly to force out the offending particle. You can use a pen.
  • If it’s the kind of camera that extends its barrel then retracts after use and it doesn’t extend all the way, grab the barrel as it extends to keep it from retracting. Clean the barrel and repeat the process until it is back to its full extension.

Lens Problem

If you dropped your camera, the lens might have been dislodged a bit. You can see if it’s no longer aligned properly by putting the camera lens up and looking at it at the side.

  • If this is indeed the case, straighten the lens out by pushing the side lightly where it’s crooked. You should hear a clicking sound as it pops back into place.
  • If the lens extends and then retracts like the example in the particle problem section, but it’s not because of a particle, try moving the lens in a circular motion slowly. Again, there should be a click that means it’s back in its place.

Battery Problem

Sometimes, it can simply be a case of used batteries. Replacing them with brand new ones can do the trick.

  • If the replacement batteries don’t work, hold down the camera’s Menu/Function/Function Set/OK button as you turn it on.
  • An alternative for new batteries not helping is to remove the memory card first before turning on the camera. If the camera works, just reinsert the memory card.

Lens errors usually prevent people from even getting to the menus, but if you can still access them, a “factory reset” option can solve a lens error problem.

Don’t be afraid of permanently breaking your digital camera with these easy solutions, but remember to do things with care.  If these problems occur, and you know it’s your fault, warranties won’t cover your repair fees, which can be costly. If all else fails, buying a new one can save you more money anyway.

Author Bio:- Jay Manangan is a online marketing strategist for Repair Labs and Fix-iphones, An industry-recognized specialist in computer and gadget repair. He spends most of his time on the internet, reading technology and computer blogs. He’s the axeman of a band called “ManMinusMachine”.

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