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Different Computer Crimes And How To Stay Protected

Any criminal activities happening in computer involve information technology. The advances in information technology give internet users to obtain unauthorized or illegal access with the intent of damaging, altering and deleting computer data. Such activities are considered as computer crimes that also include electronic fraud, identity theft, system interference and misuse of devices.

Committing computer crime does not necessarily mean damaging the property physically. Manipulating critical information and confidential data is another form of computer crime. Likewise, hampering the privacy of the users such as software theft is also considered as crime. In order to prevent computer crimes, it is necessary to implement effective security measures that will prevent the occurrence of different computer crimes.

Different computer crimes involving information technology

  1. Hacking – People are using the internet in finding information. However, there are instances in which users gain unauthorized access that is also called as hacking. The worse thing about this computer crime is that when the user hacks the IP address that can lead to giving false identity.
  2. Identity theft – This is a serious act of computer crime that involves the use of information technology. A person who knows how to access IP addresses and password has the great possibility to be involved in identity theft crime. In this sense, someone can use another person’s identity thus providing false identity that may lead to financial identity theft and commercial identity theft.
  3. Phishing – Utilizing information technology can entice a user in acquiring sensitive information of other people by disguising as a truthful source. This computer crime is done by luring users to access personal information by using fake websites.
  4. Cyberstalking – The use of information technology in giving false accusations, threats and damaging of data and equipment is considered as cyberstalking activities. This computer crime is done by using online forums, social networking sites and chat rooms in gathering information about the target person and eventually harassing the person. Likewise, sending obscene emails and abusive phone calls are other forms of cyberstalking.
  5. Computer viruses – There are numerous computer programs related to information technology. Learning the computer programs makes an individual computer savvy. However, the knowledge in information technology is used by some people in doing bad activities such as spreading computer viruses. It can destroy information and damage computer system.

Information technology plays significant role in our daily lives. Undeniably, most of the activities in our daily living involve information technology. It is because IT is crucial in school, workstations, businesses and at home. Likewise, information technology is important to anyone whose work involves using of computer system.

Computer crimes are the negative effects of the advancement in technology in such a way that some people are too smart in learning technology.  In this sense, taking advantage with the benefits of information technology should be done with great responsibility in order to avoid committing computer crimes. As much as possible, we should use information technology in advancing knowledge and skills. In this way, there is a great chance of finding good job and eventually improving life.

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