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Did Google’s Penguin Update Hurt Your Blog? We Can Help

Google’s Penguin update has been out for a few weeks now, and many website owners have started to feel the effects of lost website rankings. Your website’s revenue may be down and your blog may be experiencing a shortage of visitors.

These problems occur as a result of Google’s harsh penalties. They’re designed to penalize bad websites and reward good websites, but unfortunately, many legitimate blogs have been caught in the crossfire. Today, we’re going to teach you how to help your website recover after the recent Penguin update.

google penuine update

Delete posts with low-quality content

You may have noticed that your website’s rankings disappeared for certain pages and posts, while others remained intact. This could be Google penalizing you for having low-quality content or a suspicious number of backlinks. This gets your website’s pages labeled as spam, which means you will be penalized.

To fix this problem, simply start writing as much informative content as possible. Google wants to see you add real value to your visitor’s experience, as opposed to trying to sort through poorly written, grammatically incorrect garbage.

High PageRank backlinks

Finding backlinks from websites with a high PageRank (PR) is a good idea at any time of the year. However, after the recent Penguin update, high PR backlinks are particularly important. While just one high PR backlink could cost more than 10,000 low PR backlinks, the difference is almost always worth it. Remember, paying a few extra dollars today for a high PR backlink can have huge dividends down the road for your website.

Combine similar pages

Google has started penalizing sites for being “over-optimized”. This primarily affects website owners who have multiple posts that deal with basically the same topic. For example, if you have a website about cars in Florida, you may have separate pages targeting keywords like “Tampa auto sales”, “Tampa cars for sale”, and “Tampa vehicles for sale.” Each of these pages will say basically the same thing, but users may have to navigate through each one to find the information they need.

This leads to a bad user experience in the eyes of Google, which is why you need to combine these pages as soon as possible. By creating one high-quality page that is packed with information about vehicles for sale in Tampa, you will have an easier time ranking your website than you would if you had multiple pages targeting similar keywords.


Google is getting smarter about detecting spammy, low-quality websites. If you want to rank your blog high on the search engine results page, then you need to follow the tips listed above. If you don’t, you risk being targeted by one of Google Penguin’s infamous penalties (if you haven’t been penalized already).

Author Bio:- Andrew is a professional freelance writer from Canada. He writes about tech industry news, registry cleaner reviews, and other aspects of the software industry.

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