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Developing a Creative Blog to Stand Out

The best part using about the internet is, anybody can use it. However, for internet enthusiasts who like more than just using the internet, they can always go ahead and start a web log, or what is more commonly known as a blog.

Nevertheless, do not make the mistake of thinking that your blog will be successful unless you want it to be a success. After all, since it is so easy to create a blog, everyone will want to create one. So make sure that your blog is something off the natural cut, as that might be the only way of attracting some readers.

In any event, simply following the steps to creating and promoting your blog will not reap the benefits that you hope. Whether you blog for money or charity, there is more to blogging than just creating and posting your content.

There are several things, which might help you to maintain a steady traffic for your blog. Nevertheless, unless you use some creativity, readers will not be interested to read. Presenting your content in a unique manner is what really counts.

Think outside the box

Unique content

The problem with something being easy and abundant is that, there is an uncanny trend of following and sometimes copying whatever is your forte. You blog because you want to exchange some ideas, add value to them and of course make certain people aware of what goes around them.

Nonetheless, there will be another blogger around the globe, or right beside you who will do the same. That person will follow the same ideals; have somewhat similar views and all. Your best chance in such a situation is your style of writing and of course using everything that is around you.

Learn to blend your thoughts with goes on around you. There are hundreds of sources you can take examples from. One suggestion would be to look around for kids and what they are up to. Trust me;nothing is more fascinating than following kids, their actions, their movements and then writing about them.

After all, look at Sigmund Freud. If he can derive so many psychoanalytic theories from the movement and behavior of kids, so can you.

The second piece of advice would be to keep your mind sharp. Blogging might be your life and in some cases your sole source of income. That however is no reason to be too involved and too melancholic about it. Meet more people.

Mixing with the human race is the best way to brush up on your skills and blog. This curious race will inevitably have answers to everything and yes have solutions, which might confuse you as well. Use them to their full and watch how the magic unfolds.

Exchanging ideas

The curious thing about life is; there are so many boons in disguise. Sometimes in fact people do not even look closely enough to see the obvious.

If creativity is what your blog lacks, just invite your readers to post in your blog. This is beneficial in many ways. You should begin by responding to their comments and views.

Do not restrict the communication to that thing alone. Just go ahead and have some long chats with the reader and look how things unlock or ore things are introduced.

After borrowing ideas and yes, putting something of your own, you will see that there is a hike in the traffic. Moreover, after that be modest enough to invite posts from the guests and watch how that goes.

Believe me, the discussion of your readers and their views will of course poke you to think differently.

The final showdown

Lastly, just make sure that your blog page is nicely designed. Just put yourself in the readers’ shoes and follow the perspective.

Add videos and images where possible. Just imagine your blog to be a scrapbook full of color and fun. Eve while discussing very serious issues, you should know how to lighten the mood by introducing the issues with a dry humor and yes, kind of in disguise.

Nothing works like details from the personal life. Make sure that you add references from your own personal life and then communicate, in fact connect with your readers. Adding pictures, awards and anything out of your personal life, even an old number will help people connect better.

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  • Gajendran Megajolla

    March 7, 2013, 2:51 pm

    Hi Bilal,
    It is marvelous post it help for beginers.
    Thanks for sharing

    • Bilal Ahmad

      March 7, 2013, 8:45 pm

      Gajendran@ You are welcome.

  • sonesh

    January 27, 2013, 1:00 am

    Nice post bilal
    it help most of newbie blogger to stand out

    Thanku you


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