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Dealing With Nasty Blog Comments

If you’ve never had sometime hurl insults at you on your blog, then just keep waiting: it will come.

Blog long enough, and you’ll find it’s inevitable that people leave insulting comments. Much of the time it’s anonymous, and other times not so much – especially if another well known blogger in your niche is the one leaving you the comments.

What to do when such a situation arises? Here are five possible reactions you can take.

Not Approve Them

It’s your blog right? If another blogger or a reader leaves a comment full of venom and vile, you can simply not approve it. If the person has a blog and calls you out, then most likely this will just generate controversy which is (sometimes) good for business. It  keeps people talking, and when people are talking, links and visitors follow.

Ignore Them

When visitors to your site are reviewing the comments, and they see a thread in which you’ve responded to every comment except for this one, it can be taken in multiple ways but never really confirmed either way. Are you insulting them by not responding or are you taking the higher moral ground? Either way, it gives you the upper hand – unless there criticism is spot-on, in which case you’d better respond.

Use Sarcasm and Move On

Sarcasm is a potent weapon. Sometimes the best way to deal with a jerk is to give them some sarcastic lip and then move on. Case closed.

Be Professional and Courteous

Not to be confused with sarcasm, as sometimes being overly nice on the web can read as sarcasm – but being professionally courteous and respectful can take a mean comment and turn it on its head. It gives you control over the conversation and often deflates whatever climatic aggression the mean spirited comment had brought up.

Throw Gas on the Fire

The truth is, controversy brings people in. A war in the comments can often lead to more people commenting, more people visiting, and other bloggers talking about you on their blog – which means links to your blog, by the way. For some bloggers, the best thing that can happen to them is have a debate blow up in the comments – real estate they control and benefit from, even if it’s negative or against them.

The Big Picture

Keep in mind there’s no one size fits all answer to this question. You should do what’s best for your business, your brand, and the goals of your blog.

What do you do personally when you have overly aggressive, mean spirited, or nasty comments on your blog?

Author Bio: Ben Jacobs blogs on technology, mind/brain, and health topics. Check out his recent articles at Dreaming Life on buying a carrot juicer or a combination food processor and juicer all in one. He currently blogs from the Pacific Northwest in the USA. Luckily, he’s not had too many mean comments on his blog (yet).

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  • Matthew

    October 10, 2011, 6:28 am

    Hey! Honestly, I just dealt with my very first nasty post – I reviewed a local event where I had a terrible experience. Apparently it hurt some feelings, so there was some backlash. The controversy has been great for readership, but there were at least 2 NASTY comments left. At first, I trashed them. However after some consideration, I restored them, and gave benevolent, well constructed answers. If I get more posts, oh well. If anything, a comment still means they made a comment.


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