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Current News and Rumors about the Next iPhone

Modern technology has provided us many gadgets that make our daily lives easier and more productive. The technology and its applications have reduced the distances between people, helping to connect people in ways that they have never been linked before. The upcoming and much anticipated iPhone 5 by Apple is expected to be an exciting entry in the smart phone market.

From the beginning, Apple’s iPhone have been much loved, and they quickly captured a large market share.Since the initial release, Apple has continued to regularly release newer, more advanced iPhones on a nearly annual schedule, and this means that the next iPhone is believed to be coming soon.

There are many rumors and news items flying around the internet and tech circles about the anticipated iPhone 5. There has been much buzz, and the following information is just some of what the media, bloggers, and others have been saying about the next iPhone.

Rumors swirl around the release date.

Apple has many very loyal fans, and most of these folks would love to get the new iPhone 5 as soon as it is released – the sooner the better. There have been several speculative dates by analysts and enthusiasts. Previously, there were rumors that the newest iPhone would be out as soon as May or June 2012, but it is now apparent that those dates are premature. Nobody outside of Apple knows actual release date, but certain reliable sources have been speculating that the next phone will come to market in October 2012.

iPhone 5 screen size has big buzz

Rumor has it that the next iPhone is likely to have a larger screen compared to the previous phone models. The size of the screen is expected to be more than 3.5 inches. No one outside of Apple’s inner circle really knows the exact screen size of the new iPhone,but some analysts say that iPhone 5 is likely to feature a screen that is 4” or more in size. A four inch screen will enable users to view up to 30 % more screen space than the previous models.

Style and features get redefined

Critics have spread some news about the style and design of the iPhone 5.  It has been said that not only the size of the screen will be enhanced, but the style and other features may also be updated. Its style and design are said to be a little different from the previous models, which would follow the other minor style changes from model to model.

The next iPhone will feature 4G technology and will be able to run on the super-fast 4G LTE network. The 4G network is the current cellular standard in many countries, and it would seem to be a very major misstep if Apple would not include this technology.

Along with many other rumors, speculators claim that the iPhone 5 will feature different dimensions than the previous model. It could be slimmer and taller than the iPhone 4S. Many enthusiasts have been creating mockups of what they expect the phone to look like, but no one in the public seems to know for sure yet what it will look like for certain.

Power up with the iPhone 5

Power saving will be the best feature for many who hope to scoop up the next iPhone. The rumor mill claims that the battery may come with what is known as two-tier technology; this tech makes this device last even longer between charges.Apple will also definitely use the best chip in the new version of iPhone, given their specialization in ARM. As a result, you will most likely find a super speedy quad core processor in it.

The iPhone 5 is expected to cost more

Analysts have been predicting that the price range of iPhone 5 may go much higher compared to other smart phones. At the same time, the price may be comparable to other newly released iPhones, and of course, in areas with carrier subsidies, these devices may be available for much less.


Some of these rumors and the news are thought to be spread by folks at Apple and their partners, meaning that many of them may turn out to be true. This phone should be better, faster, and more luxurious than any previous iPhone, and it is anticipated to be superior to any phone on the market. However, it is yet to be seen what the next iPhone will bring and how it will be received by the eager public.

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