Cultural Identity: Why Is American Society Unique?

Updated October 6, 2023

Identity is important in the American culture. What we look like, how we talk, how much we earn, or where we come from are the superficial hints that almost everyone uses to put you into one group or another.

Today the word “Kaleidoscope” is used to explain the Cultural Identity. The uniqueness of a society is not necessarily just the ethnic identification, but rather the connection between both social and ethnic Identities. According to many essays about cultural identity, the American culture’s uniqueness comes from its rich history. No matter what ethnicity you are. Although it is far more complex than this.

Cultural Identity

However, there are many American cultural problems that include religion, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, and gender. It may be difficult to find the right place for you in two different worlds and feel accepted when you are a minority. For example, immigrant students can become confused when their university teachers assign an essay about their culture. Especially if their parents have a different cultural and ethnic background. So they end up using sites like  to help them in the process because meeting the expectations of different cultures can put overwhelming pressure on a person.

The American Identity sure exists, it is delivered from the experience of our nation. Some examples come from Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln. But it can be mystical to human experience, but at the same time completely human in its aspiration. Even people that are not born in America can claim it, and many of them manifest better than the ones that are native. It is thanks to the compound effect of five specific values that need to be combined in a unique way to be able to create an American character.

The first of the five is individuality. The acceptance that humans can have separate identities aside from their external appearances. Individuality is opposed to individualism, which means personal Identity that eliminates the others, and collectivism which means that all people think and act the same.

The second value is “resistant cooperation”, which means the willingness to solve living problems, even with people we don’t like or are not close with. That supports the compromise, which is a principle in American education.

Freedom is the third. A strong belief that artificial bounds don’t exist. And that the future is decided just by courage and knowledge, and never by fear and incomprehension. This value is especially held by schools and colleges around America.

The fourth is stewardship which means an experience of power and authority held in trust, related to others’ responsibility. Not just entitlement.

And the fifth and last is integrity. It is living in a personal standard and the courage to proclaim that. Integrity rejects hypocrisy. The value of integrity lies in the reliability of it.

These values are held by all Americans on some levels. But owning up to all of them at the same time is what creates a unique society.

Americans often link Cultural and National Identity together, however cultural Identity is a manifestation of human beings and social attributes, and on the other hand, national Identity refers to the people of the country with their own country’s cultural and historical traditions. So they manifest as a group of people that belong to a country as a political community.

America is one of the most culturally mixed countries in the whole world. Almost every part of the world has influenced the culture of Americans. Such as Native American, African American, Asian, and Latin, etc. And by that, we can safely say that American culture influences the world. Although the value of a culture should not be defined by its size. No matter if the culture is small, old, or young, has changed over time or stayed the same, every culture can introduce us to new things about the global community.

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