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Creative Ways to Charge Your Devices

If you’re ever in a pickle and are not sure how to keep your devices juiced up, or perhaps you simply want to conserve energy in an attempt to save the planet, then it’s time to get creative!

Check out our top tips on how to stay connected.

Use Your Car

charge in car

If you want to save energy then try plugging your device into your car charger next time you take a trip out to the supermarket. Don’t just drive around for the heck of it; combine the two activities when you are planning on running an errand.

If you don’t own a car charger then it is definitely worth investing in one. You can get hold of plenty inexpensive versions that are compatible with most of the popular devices online in stores like Amazon or eBay.

Use Your Laptop

use laptop to charge

Although this may not be the best method, sucking the remaining life out of your laptop in exchange for a working mobile can still be a sensible option in some scenarios. If you’re stuck without hope then it may be time to reach for your laptop. Plus this way your charge is more portable and versatile!

Use a Hand Crank

hand crank

You may have heard of hand crank torches or emergency radios, but that is not all they are good for. Hand cranks are also awesome little gadgets for charging your devices! On average these useful cranks can generate 10 watts of electricity at 120 volts, providing you with enough energy to charge your smartphones, tablets, digital camera, and even GPS devices.

Use a Solar Charger

solor charger

There is no way to charge your devices that is more eco friendly than a solar charger. Harness the incredible power of the sun to give life back to your fading batteries. Solar chargers come in all different panel sizes, but many of them are portable enough to carry around with you wherever you go.

Whether you’re off on holiday or are simply planning a trip out for the day, take along your solar charger and stay connected at all times.

Use Public Outlets

public outlets

If you’re experiencing a blackout at home, or are out and about and need to charge your favorite devices, then using public outlets may be the answer! During a blackout many stores or other public areas still have power as they run on different grids. Ask nicely and we’re sure they will let you plug in.

Use a Powerbag

power bags

The Powerbag is actually a revolutionary new product that has been making waves with some of the biggest names such as MacLife, The New York Times, and Associated Press. Equipped with a complete charging system that can refuel your devices whilst on the go, the Powerbag is a thing of the future. Boosting your smartphone at least 2x and covering hundreds of devices, you don’t have to lose out when you carry a Powerbag. Whatever bag you may be looking for, be it suitcase, rucksack, or even briefcase, the Powerbag caters for everyone.

Author Bio:- Abigail is a freelance writer and designer that specializes in all things tech related. She is currently learning about how to make money with apps and is completely in love with Leadbolt.

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