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Creating Quality Content Even Google Panda Will Love

Getting your website noticed quickly by search engines is a goal of all hopeful website owners and designers. This used to be relatively simple to do, as long as you understood how Google and other search engines formatted their specific algorithms to decipher which was the best content on the web. Website content developers have been more recently focused on “cracking the code” to the Panda algorithm change and trying to gear their website content towards what Google Panda is looking for. What they don’t keep in mind is that the Panda launch was just one of hundreds of improvements that Google plans to undergo this year, and there is no one simple formula to create successful content

So what should website developers focus on to ensure that they can improve their Google rankings and website traffic? There are a number of things, of course, but the following is a summary of some of the most important key points to keep in mind. Rather than focusing on a particular algorithm, focus on these key principles and your website will succeed:

High quality content

The main focus of the Panda rollout and the hundreds of others is to determine which websites offer the highest quality content. This can mean a number of things like providing reputable, trusted information, taking the time to ensure that the information provided is well written and informative, factual and above all, making sure that the information provided is useful and accurate. This doesn’t mean that you have to eliminate your particular angle or “flair” that you feel sets your website apart from others of its kind. In fact, managing to balance your originality along with high quality content is key to optimal Google search engine success.

Another aspect of high quality content means taking the time to ensure that the website is consistent. If you have some articles or topics that are really well written but then you have some poorly structured, “on the fly” ones also, you’re going to defeat the purpose of trying to provide the best website possible. The more professional in appearance and content the site is, the more recognizable it will be in the search engine because the more visitors it will have. Make sure that you edit all articles carefully and compare them with others of their kind to make sure that you’re at least equal in quality with your competitors.

Looking at your work objectively

Of course it’s probably difficult for you to be objective at times when looking at your site, but try to separate yourself a bit from your work and really take a good look at your website. If you were someone looking for information on this topic or range of topics, would you consider this a valuable source of information? Would you want to share it with others? Could you see this information being published outside of the web because it’s so fantastic? Is it original, insightful and useful all at the same time? If you’re able to say yes to these questions, then chances are you’ve created a website that is going to be well liked by Google and other search engines.

The key thing to remember when creating and editing a website is that it’s not just math and algorithms that you should be concerned with. What you should focus more attention on is ensuring that you have the best possible information in the best possible format and style that screams “high quality!” to its readers. If you can keep people coming back again and again, algorithms don’t really matter so much, do they? Striving to provide the highest quality content you can will ensure that even Google Panda (and Google’s hundreds of other changes!) will love your site content!

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  • Swamykant

    May 30, 2011, 5:59 pm

    Nice post. Thanks for share

  • jude

    May 29, 2011, 2:53 pm

    quality content is very important, it makes your blog unique and proffesional


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