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Creating an Effective Voice Collaboration Strategy

Businesses scale their growth by implementing a strong organizational structure. The business model operates seamlessly with its delivery operations by maintaining strong communication links within the business. From the business development and sales team, through to the execution team.

As companies grow in size and operations, the communication process may become more complex. Hence why it is important to set a strong communication processes and tools for the business from the outset to avoid any negative impacts that could occur over the long term.

Voice Collaboration StrategyBuilding strong communication within a business means developing a well connected and integrated business. Along with the sales mission, communication should come in at a close number two to ensure that communication processes and methods are available throughout the entire organization. Therefore, businesses must commit themselves to building an effective communication collaborative strategy that will boost the operations, increase efficiency, reduce costs and yield stronger profits for the organization.

Mismanaged communication procedures can easily add unnecessary costs to an organization. Within larger organizations, many of these costs arise from meeting requirements. Quite often, there will be additional costs allocated to travel and productivity cost losses. Over time, these costs can amount to thousands or hundreds of thousands in unnecessary additional expenses for the business.

Technology advancements have created new ways for companies to maintain their current productivity and to better manage and save on costs. One of the main advancements has been in voice collaboration activities.

Conferencing with audio, video, web integration

Twenty years ago, to provide a complete presentation experience, you would need to attend a face to face meeting as there were significant technical limitations at the time. Nowadays, with the technological advancements, conferencing technology can provide the same experience without needing the physical presence of the person. Web conferences have increased in popularity with the improvements in smart devices, cameras and internet bandwidth. The integration of live audio and video across the web provides the complete meeting or conference experience that a person would seek if they had gone there in person. For companies that previously had to send numerous delegates or representatives internationally and rent conference rooms, refreshments and hotels, this technology provides a significant reduction in business costs that are related to meetings and conference requirements.

Instant Messaging

Businesses are also leveraging instant messaging as a part of their sales process with customer interaction on their website. (Providing a similar experience to retail shopping and getting expert advice from an assistant). Additionally, the instant messaging technology can be used to better communicate with people throughout the organization for quicker ‘chat responses’ as opposed to dealing with emails.

Expanding the workspace with remote working

Previously, people were unable to continue being productive due to the lack of connectivity to the business when they are outside of the business. With the increased availability of the internet through wi-fi, 3G & 4G and companies connectivity through a VPN (Virtual Private Network), people within the organization can gain access to their workstation and continue their productivity. Be it that the person works from home, in a hotdesking, cafe or at a conference. The opportunity to improve the productivity through the communication and collaboration through online accessibility is endless.

Smarter Networking

Businesses need to recognize the value of integrating the technology into their business. These technological improvements are just the beginning. Lack of communication and organization becomes evident in the form of missed appointments and meetings and wasted time. Businesses that strive to improve their communication and collaboration processes will be able to eliminate these expense threats and benefit by improving their business processes and profits over the long term.

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