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Creating A Killer Newsletter

Sometimes people need a reminder that your business is still alive and kicking! Sending out a monthly company newsletter to your customers/subscribers can drum up major excitement for your brand, and bring attention to all the new stuff that is happening with your company. But in order to get people to actually read your newsletter and get pumped, it needs to be great. So what constitutes a kick-ass newsletter? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to craft a newsletter that draws eyes and informs lives.

killer newsletter

1. Acquire an Audience

If you have nobody to send it to, having an amazing newsletter is pretty pointless. Make sure to have a sign up form on your site so you can increase # of subscribers to your newsletter. People have to opt in, so make sure the call to action is as fantastic as the Newsletter will be. Put it on multiple pages so that people almost cannot miss it.

2. Find your roadmap

A newsletter is as much about visual copy as it is about written copy. You want it to pop, to look professional, engaging, and organized. Therefore, unless you’re a designer yourself, you should not create one from scratch. Instead, pick a really cool professionally designed template. Many email-marketing software’s offer free templates that are great to use. After you’ve picked your template, it’s time to make it your own. Customize it to fit your content in a visually appealing way. Make sure it’s wide and easy to read.

3. Use Your Words

Now it’s time to write some content. Though many things you mention in your newsletter may be also mentioned on your site, don’t just recycle. The content on your newsletter should be fresh and original. Try approaching the writing from a different angle, and make sure your content is targeted towards the audience you’re sending it to. All information should be pertinent to what they are doing. No one is going to read a newsletter that is shouting out news that they have no need for. My final advice here, is to stay clear of boring press releases as well.

4. Be social

Just every piece of content you put out nowadays, your newsletter should be intertwined with your social presence. Make sure to have links to all your social media profiles as icons somewhere prominent in your newsletter. You can even pepper other social elements directly into your content, such as recent popular tweets and Facebook posts from your accounts, this way non-followers can see what kind of content you publish, and may be interested to start following.

5. Get Them to Home Base

Speaking of links, you should have some that link back to your own site, so that people can easily access if they want to find out more information about a subject. Include links to your blog as well, prefaced by little snippets from a few choice posts. These snippets will act as incentive for your audience to click on them and read more. The goal of a newsletter is to get people to go to your site, so make sure to make this easy for them.

6. No Room for Error

All this work to make your newsletter look professional will be in vain if your content contains spelling and grammar errors. Spell check and edit over and over again. You can never be too thorough. Also make sure that your content is tight, and that you are not rambling and providing information that is not need to know. You can be funny and loose, but just make sure to get to the point.

7. Sum it up

The subject lines are how people decide whether or not they are going to read something, so they better be pretty darn delectable. An ideal subject line accurately describes what the whole of its content is about while maintaining a fun tone that is enticing to readers. For instance, instead of saying “We’ve Got New Products”, say something like “OMG! We’ve Got Some New Swag!” Just keep it light. Also, make sure your subject lines are similar in tone, and that they fit together thematically.

8. Be consistent

A newsletter is not a one time gig. To be successful and build an audience, you must consistently send out new ones that inform people of new stuff. To this end, it helps to create an editorial calendar that has all the subjects that you will be talking about in each issue. Plan in advance, so that you can ruminate on each subject and not be caught unprepared when a deadline approaches.

Hope this helps you get your company’s news out with style! Happy Emailing!

Author Bio:- Brendan Sevack is a social enthusiast and a blogger for Wazala.com specializing in ecommerce solutions, social media marketing and social commerce. Studied audio engineering, but soon after realized he prefers to share with words rather than sound.

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