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Create Your Own App Of The Future

It’s amazing how much tech we have these days that were only once figments of our (or a Hollywood movie maker’s) imagination. From handheld communication devices to talking computers, almost everything we saw on the big screen a few years ago is now available at our local tech store. Well, we’re still waiting for that flying car, but that’s beside the point.

Smartphones are probably the most remarkable device of them all. A handheld device that not only has some pretty powerful processing power (say that three times fast!) under the hood, but can tap into almost any other computer as well: servers in Oregon, data centers in Hyderabad, the home computer in your living room. What’s more, everyone can buy one or even get one for free from their wireless carrier.

But raw power is worthless without someone to use it. That’s why we have apps: bundled pieces of code that give us the power to make the most out of our smartphones.

Let’s examine the way apps have impacted our lives for a moment. Would you have believed, a mere 10 years ago, that there would be a way for you to find the location of restaurants, their menus and the reviews of previous diners, all within a 5 mile radius of your location with just the click of a button? Or how about the ability to compare prices on a specific product from other nearby stores all while standing in another store? Truly, more than any previous piece of technology that has come along lately, smartphones and their apps have propelled us into the Jetson-age.

Everyone can have a smartphone and anyone can select and install apps. The question now is: why can’t anyone create apps as well?

There are several sites out there that allow users to create their own apps, such as AppMakr or ShoutEm. Yet the majority of these sites require some coding knowledge or fees that make them poor choices for 99% of the population. What’s really needed in the app creation world is a platform like WordPress offers for bloggers that lets anyone, regardless of skill or income level, click a few buttons and be up and running.

Now that’s app creation so simple even Astro Jetson could build an app in a few minutes time!

Author Bio:- Wheng Enojo can write anything and can put facts and experiences in a proper manner. Knows how to give inspiration from the tough times and move on with a right attitude. Sharing personal experience / goals to enrich and enhance other lives. As of today, she is enjoying exploring the world of DIY mobile apps as her newest hobby.