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Create Pinterest Boards that Deliver Exceptional Marketing Value

The latest social networking trend is Pinterest, a site where you can share photos that are linked to various articles and websites. For example, someone can visit a page on your site, and if they liked it, they can repin the image to a board of their own. Boards are the basic organization structure of Pinterest, so it pays to understand how you can create boards with great marketing value.

Here are some tips on creating boards that will help drive visitors and sales to your site.

Create boards on related topics.

Don’t feel like you have to stick to creating Pinterest boards about the exact same topic as your site. In fact, if you stick to doing this, you’ll look boring at best, and spammy at worst. Instead, think about some topics of interest to your visitors. If you run a site about cookware, people are interested in recipes, kitchen gadgets, and information on different foods. Think about things that also interest your audience and you’re on the right track. If you’re stuck for ideas, look at people who have repinned your images and see what other interests they have. Constructing a detailed profile of your ideal customer or visitor will help figure out what might draw someone in.

Look at “how to” boards and do the same thing.

If you haven’t created a “how to” board before, look at some examples and see how other people do it. Tutorials can be gathered from all kinds of different sites to provide great value to a reader. You could teach them how to remodel a bedroom by gathering tutorials for painting and wallpapering, buying furniture, refinishing existing furniture, sewing window drapes… your imagination is the limit. Adding your own original “how to” content makes this a winning idea.

Promote an event through a board.

Is the ultimate goal of your website to promote an event, lecture, or workshop? You can promote it by discussing various aspects of the event. You could link to pages about the speakers, their other work and some of their best posts, related how-to boards, pages about the area, include mentions of the sponsors, and so on. Make sure you provide lots of value and build the excitement around your event, don’t just make it an online version of a boring poster you might see up on a board in town.

Showcase your customers on Pinterest.

A great way of providing social proof is to showcase your customers using your product or service, link to their sites, or include testimonials. Of course, you’ll want to get their specific permission to do this and you need to remember that competitors can see who you are working with, too. If this is fine with you, show photos of people engaging with your brand and content and encourage others to join in.

Smart Pinterest marketing drives traffic and sales to your site without seeming overly self-promotional. All kinds of businesses can benefit from the extra attention of the Pinterest community. Be sure you’re ready to handle the extra traffic, then ramp up your Pinterest marketing techniques.

Jennifer Watts is interested in anything and everything to promote her small business. She also enjoys sharing her insights on various websites. If you are in need of a web host, visit http://WebHostingReviews.ca.

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