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Create A Mobile-Ready Website For A Business In Minutes – uKit

uKitAs more people come online via their mobile phones, there’s a growing need for businesses and professionals alike to be prepared to welcome their customers with mobile ready web-pages.

In Pakistan alone there are over 3.5 million businesses, with a vast majority of them not having presentation websites. Outside a strong online brand identity, many of them are loosing potential customers, hence growth opportunities.

To solve this, recently I’ve came across uKit, a freshly launched start-up from Eastern Europe which offers a do it yourself online solution supporting start-ups, small businesses and professionals to create mobile-ready websites in minutes.

Currently they are in private-beta, but you can easily register and get started by filling in your e-mail address and receiving the unique invitation code to get going: https://ukit.com/

After registering, you will choose a subdomain name, then a responsive design and proceed straight to the Administration interface where you will be able, in just a few clicks and drags to edit the website’s menu and sections with ease. As a few interesting options – you can add a map, making it more easy for your customers to find you, integrate your social media accounts like Facebook, Skype and much more.

For businesses which want to have a solid online presence, you can replace the existing subdomain name by connecting your own domain and, more interestingly, you’ll be able to add even a Live Chat option and easily communicate with your visitors.Fast and reliable hosting is also included so your only worry will be mostly for changing the default template texts into the ones tailored for your business needs.

Create Websites with uKit

In order to have a complete experience in developing the website, you must register in uKit website builder and edit it from a Desktop or Notebook computer. The results will be impressive, with a brand new website for your business,which will be seamlessly displayed on any internet connected device, from a smartphone to a tablet.

After the official launch, which will take place till the end of May, more features and options will come in place, like an e-commerce module which will allow users to easily sell products online, additional mobile-ready templates for more industries and so on. The best thing in using uKitis that you don’t need any technical skills to develop the site. Also,the business website builder is completely free for now and can be used by probably any person who knows how to turn on a computer and send an e-mail message.

Want to convince yourself? Register here and create a responsive website now!

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