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Correlation Between Domain Names and Website Ranking

Domain names can be used to identify a number of IP addresses. These are given to different servers so that they are easier to remember. Hence, the difficult IP addresses remain invisible for most of the viewers.

Website ranking system explained

Website ranking is a system used by search engines. Websites are ranked according to the amount of traffic they get. Whenever you enter a keyword in the search bar and press enter, the list that appears in front of you is ranked. The first one is of the highest ranking because it is the most popular one.

Usage of keywords as a part of domain names to get the highest website ranking

If you own a website, then your first priority is surely to drive the maximum amount of traffic to your website. This is because everyone wants to see their website on the highest ranking in the search results. If this is so, then you should know that the best way to do this is by using keywords in your domain name. This can be very helpful in driving traffic to your website.

To ensure maximum traffic, you need to use a unique keyword in your domain name. For this purpose, make use of Google’s keywords tool. Using this tool, search for a keyword in your niche that is long. Such keywords are called long tail keywords and they have the ability to drive more traffic to your website as compared to short tail keywords (the ones that are shorter in length).

You might be wondering how this can be possible so let me answer this question. Short tail keywords are used by a very large number of people thus, making the competition very difficult. The long tail keywords are the ones that are used by minimum number of people. Therefore, this decreases the competition and makes it easier; meaning when you use long tail keywords as your domain name, there will be a very high chance that the person (searching for the keyword) will arrive at your web page. This is going to increase the traffic to your website significantly.

In addition, also keep in mind that it would be more beneficial for you if you use an eye-catching keyword as a part of your domain name. This will ensure that the people who visit your website are going to remember the name and hence, come back to your web site regularly. This way they will also recommend your website to their family, friends, and colleagues. This is exactly what you want.

Moreover, try not to use slang words or short forms in your domain name. These become difficult for the visitors to remember. Search engines also prefer those domain names that are spelled correctly and are easy to understand.

These are some of the tips that every website owner needs to remember when using keywords as a part of their domain names for the purpose of increasing website ranking.

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