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Copying Competitors SEO: Is it a Good Practice or Harmful for your Clients?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and it is a practise that has become vital in recent years because so much business is now conducted online. To stay at the top of your game you need to make use of SEO tools to get your website as visible as possible and attract as many potential customers as possible. It can be hard to know which techniques to use and how to use them; one option is to look at what your competitors are using and copy this.

Copying Competitors SEO

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The temptation to copy competitors SEO techniques is obvious. If you can imitate what your competitors do and the tools they use to increase their rank, you should hopefully be able to get your website as highly ranked as theirs. This should stop them from getting more customers visiting their site and therefore getting more business as you. If your website and your competitors website appear in very similar positions on search engine results they should attract similar numbers of visitors and similar kinds of visitors, hopefully leading to the same number of sales for both of you. Overall, the idea is to keep up with competitors and make sure they do not become more profitable than you or take a larger market share online.

Another benefit is that it also means you don’t have to do as much research into what SEO techniques will work for you and your kind of website. If you can see that particular keywords your competitors use or the backlinks they have built are successful for them, you can simply copy these without having to figure out what is and isn’t effective beforehand, and the improvement in rank should translate to your site as well. Competitors’ websites are likely to have similar content and similar searches should lead to these sites, so it is expected that the same good quality keywords, links and other SEO tools should work for all. It is also even easier than you may have imagined as there are a number of tools that allow you to completely copy a competitors SEO from their website, requiring minimal effort and giving maximum results.

However, there are some considerable negatives to taking this course of action that you should be aware of. If the only SEO tools you employ are those of your competitors, you are unlikely to be able to surpass them in search engine rankings, which is what you really need to be focusing on if you want to be the best in your particular market. Also, as much as some companies will claim to copy all of your competitor’s techniques for you, you cannot be sure that they will be able to transfer all the methods they use and there is no way to tell which are particularly effective for them and will be for you. There is no guaranteeing any of their SEO will be as effective for you as all websites are different and your content is likely to differ.

This option may not be entirely safe either. The biggest danger is that, if you blindly copy all of their SEO, you may be copying black hat techniques, which are banned by search engines. Even if you are aware that they are using these forbidden techniques and think you can copy them as your competitors have not yet been caught, this may not be the case. If your website is found to be using any black hat techniques that are disapproved of or that involve deception, your listing may be completely taken out of search engines or they may lower your ranking. This will give your website a bad reputation and may make you lose clients.

There is some sense in analysing the SEO your competitors use but this should not be your only approach to increasing your websites rank. It is safest to research their keywords and use this as an indicator of the kind of relevant and highly searched for words to include in your content (other aspects of their SEO may also be worth investigating), but to completely copy your competitors SEO is bad practise and is best avoided. Businesses should be wary of websites that offer to completely copy their competitors SEO and instead, you should look to hire someone who will create unique SEO for you.

Author Bio:- My name is Raihan chawdhury, and I am the marketing team coordinator of UpArrow Consulting. I started my job life here and learn a lot of things about SEO, SMM, etc. I just tried here to describe the impact of copying competitors SEO on your client’s project. To know more you can also find me google+, linked in

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