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Cool iPhone 4S Tips

Contrary to popular belief, Apple isn’t really a tyrant when it comes to their products. Sure, they have a closed ecosystem and do things in a different way than the rest of the world, but that’s a part of what makes Apple successful.

Apple is really strict when it comes to their products. They set certain guidelines when designing apps, and when they demand that a certain feature be included, producers follow it.

While the devices aren’t really inclined to be customized like the Android OS, the iPhone is still a very cool device to have. If you think selling your iPhone is the solution to your boredom, you’re wrong. There are lots of things you can do to make your iPhone fun again.

Here’s what you can do to make good use of your iPhone again:

1# Turn it into a Wi-Fi hotspot

Since the iPhone is equipped a powerful 3G chip that has a big bandwidth, your phone can act as a portable router.

Several devices can hook up to your phone, granting them access to the Internet. It’s a very powerful tool, especially if you’re bringing a laptop with you and there’s no Wi-Fi around.

To access this feature, just ask your wireless carrier to turn your iPhone into a hotspot. You may have to pay additional fees to make it happen though.

2# Keep track of your data usage

The iPhone has a very neat way to track how much time you’ve accumulated in making calls, and how much data you’ve consumed as well.

Just go to the Usage section on Settings, and you’ll find all the data you need. If you’re a careless user of 3G data, you can monitor how much you’ve consumed. This can help you limit your bills, thus saving you plenty of money.

3# Use voice for typing

Typing with a virtual keyboard can be very tiring. Another annoying thing about it is the constant errors because of our thumbs pressing the wrong button. Wouldn’t it be great to just get whatever we’re typing done immediately?

With the iPhone 4S, you can! By pressing the microphone button beside the space bar, all you have to do is dictate whatever it is you want to say, and the phone will convert it to text immediately.

4# Put custom vibrations

Custom ring tones are cool, but custom vibrations are even cooler!

By going the Accessibility portion of General Settings, you can assign a custom vibration to each of your contacts.

For example, you can assign your family members their own unique vibrations for easy identification. If you’re at work and your phone is silent, you’ll know who’s calling you.

5# Get an exact battery reading

Normally, we just look at the battery bar on top of the screen to gauge how much time the phone has before it goes out.

Well, you can visit the Usage section in Settings and you’ll get an accurate display of how much time you have left, and how long you’ve been using the phone.

It’ll come in really handy because you know how long the phone can last on a full charge, allowing you to limit the use.


While these tips may be simple, they’re definitely helpful. Try following them, don’t sell your iPhone 4S because you’re bored, and remember to have fun!

Author Bio:- Kaycee is a writer and content blogger for CashForiPhones.com, a website where one can sell iPhone in exchange of a monetary amount.

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