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Cool Facebook Chat Tricks

Facebook chat is a popular way for users on the social media network to stay connected with their friends in real time. This chat messenger works much the same as other instant messaging clients, allowing users to easily send messages back and forth. It can either be used within the browser, simply by visiting the Facebook site, or it can be used on a myriad of different mobile devices using Facebook apps developed for those platforms. Some third-party apps also support Facebook chat protocol, making it easy to find a way to stay connected on the go.

Of course, chat is fun, but what is even better is optimizing the entire experience to the user’s every whim. While Facebook provides a precursory look at how to use its chat tool, it does not take much time explaining all of the tricks and fun ways that the product can be used. If you are ready to take your chatting to a whole new level, here are a few great chat tricks that you will be dying to use on your next chat session with one of your friends.

Facebook Chat with Firefox

Firefox is one of the world’s most popular browsers, with millions of users around the globe relying on the platform to connect to the Internet. Firefox is particularly popular because it is highly customizable, with a wide assortment of different plugins and add-ons that can allow a computer user to truly make the browser work for them. One great way Firefox can be used with Facebook is to create a chat sidebar that stays in the browser, even if the individual navigates away from Facebook. Not only does this make it possible to multitask, but it can be easier to see that the user has new messages waiting.

To take advantage of this, users just need to do a few simple steps. Firstly, a Firefox bookmark needs to be created. As the bookmark is created, the user can specify that it should be run in the sidebar, rather than in the full browser window. The user can give the bookmark an easy name, such as Facebook Chat, so he or she will be able to access it quickly in the future. Then, the following URL should be entered: “http://www.facebook.com/presence/popout.php” Once this has been completed, to launch Facebook chat, users simply need to navigate to their bookmark and voila!

Access Facebook Chat on the Desktop

If you would rather not use Firefox or simply need a way to use Facebook Chat when not using a browser, there are a couple of different desktop clients available. Two examples are Gabtastik and digsby, both of which allow the user to connect to the chat protocol and stay in touch with friends. These tools transform Facebook Chat into a platform that is more reminiscent of messaging platforms used historically, and can be a great way to keep messages on track and not miss out on any important conversations.

Underline and Bold Facebook Chat Text

Are you really passionate about something you are sharing in a chat conversation? Why not use bold and underlined text to get your point across? In order to underline text, you simply need to include underscores around the underlined information. For example, writing _I want this underlined_ will result in I want this underlined. The same principle applies for bold text, but the user instead needs to place information between these tags: *_ and _* Voila! This will allow bold and underlined text to become an integral part of chat conversation between Facebook users.

Facebook is a great tool that allows its users to stay connected, learn more about friends and acquaintances, and share photos and videos with other connected users. Facebook Chat is just one great feature out of many on the platform, but many Facebook users rely upon this one feature more than all of the rest. By taking some of these advanced tricks into account, you could easily become the go-to guru on all things Facebook chat. You can use these tricks to get the service optimized to your unique needs and desires on the chat platform. Have a blast keeping in touch with your friends!

Author Bio:- An article is written by Kate Willer.  I like social networks, Google android, antimalware doctor and psychology. I’m interested in IT services, computer upgrades, computer repair, different computer apps. Love travelling and skiing.

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