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Convert WordPress Blog Into MemberShip Sites- 5 Plugins

Why you should convert a wordpress blog to membership site? well it depends on the owner need. If you are here then of course you know that why you are going to convert your blog to membership site. However if you don’t know then let me explain in a few examples. Let say you want to start a paid forum where you want to discuss meetings, study discussion, blogging related tips, issues etc, chatting and dating or any other type of forum. Using these plugins you can easily restrict normal users to your blog. Only those visitor will be able to see your blog who have Login info.

Similarly if you want sell any product or services, you can simply install one of these plugins to deliver the product or service in more secure way. Simply using these plugins you can restrict users to access your blog, only approved users will be able to see your blog.

5 Popular WordPress to MemberShip Site Plugins

Wordpress Membership plugins

1. DLGuard WordPress Membership

One of the popular and free membership plugin that allows you to sell your own products and services on the web. It keeps all the accounts safe so that you can analyze your sale performance and count your customer to know about your product popularity. Only registered users will be able to access your blog.

2. Are PayPal

As the name indicate that only those visitors will be able to access your blog who have bought membership package. Whatever activity you are doing in your blog are accessible to the search engine and thus it will be a search engine optimized membership site. Depending on your site nature you can easily charge membership charges from your readers using PayPal.

3. Members Only

No one can access your blog until he or she use login info. Only approved members are allowed to use your blog and thus if it is free or paid but access to the blog is restricted. Perfect plugin for those who want to share softwares, templates or any other service.

4. Wp- Private

If your blog content is only for your country visitors, then you can easily restrict international readers from accessing your blog content. Now it depends on you that for which purpose you want to use this plugin, however the main function of this plugin is to make your posts private.

5. WP Members

A special plugin that allows you safe your blog content. Visitors will only be able to see the expert not the whole post. If they want to see the full post then they have to register. In this way if some one will copy content from your blog, then you can easily contact him using the login info. Alternatively you can use tools to detect duplicate content if you are not using this plugin.