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Convert PDF On Smartphone’s & Tablets – Get The Free Apps

We see that new products are launching in different size and form in the technology segment. It has become popular that most of the people who once carried the basic phones and laptops are now carrying Tablets and Smartphones. There are a number of applications available in the market downloaded either paid or free version.

When you have files and documents that needs to be managed effectively, a mobile application will be helpful in managing these and meets your requirement. However, it’s not practical to install various applications to open different kinds of files. Similarly, installing more number of apps can affect the speed and performance of your gadget.

Let’s see the most popular apps that can help you convert the PDF Files enabling you to read the topics with much easy and with simple navigation. PDF is recommended to be the convenient file format because of its easy usage and versatility in viewing text and images with same visual experience. In case, if you are looking for tools that can be used on PC or Laptop to convert pdfs, then try these tools.

Whatever may be your mobile Operating System, if it is Android or iOS these apps helps you in converting instantly PDF on your smartphone or tablet.

1# Able2Extract PDF Converte

Open any of your MS Office documents and convert it to PDF with this cross-platform application. This is a freely downloadable app to your device. This can also convert your PDF documents into any of the MS Office formats like Word, Excel and PowerPoint presentation. When you have converted, these files can be copied to your Mass Storage and share across your friends.

2# File Converter

This is a cloud based application. The files you need can be processed and converted as per the desired PDF format. Once you are done with the conversion, transfer it to the phone back and view with the app. It can convert most of the supportable formats used by the techies that include audio, video, documents, e-books, and the like.

3# To PDF

To PDF is an app that suits for your iPad. It can convert your MS Office documents to PDF format. If you need to save any web pages, this app helps you easy conversion. It helps to organize your files that are in SMS format and the contents in Dropbox. This app helps you to share files, add notes and annotate whenever required.

4# iFiles Converter Lite

If you need to convert files into PDF and view in your iPhone, you can install this app. Any of your files from Google Drive, Dropbox or any other cloud storage platforms can be easily imported with this app. The file formats supported with this app are all MS Office formats, iWorks document types, web pages, images and text files.

5# DocAS Lite

This is an all rounder app for all your reading needs. It is able to convert, read apart from annotating and managing all those PDF documents straight in your tablet. This has a pre loaded PDF converter which can convert any sorts of file types, HTML contents, images and texts easily.

6# Doc Scan

If you want to read the book in your smartphone, this app is the apt one for you. It can scan and save images of your documents within seconds. The app helps to converting scanned image into PDF format, and carrying your favorite book anywhere you go.

7# DocToPDF

This is an Android based application used in converting the MS Office files, both old and new format to an easily readable PDF format. After saving it into your device, you can easily share it via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to your friends and colleagues or for that suits your occasion.

8# Office Converter

Office Converter is an all-in-one app that enables you to read and work with the documents in PDF format. All your office files on the desktop can be easily converted and easily transferred to your tab. It enables you for easy access and noting down your observations on the move. The only thing it needs a working network connection for online processing and conversion of files. It has an added security feature to protect your documents.

9# Web to PDF

This is an application which is compatible for your Dolphin web browser. It allows you in converting your web page into PDF format to view or share it passing the information that needs it.

10# PDF Converter

PDF Converter is one of the famous apps seen at your desktop. Its mobile application helps you to convert your PDF file in the cloud server. You can be able to view it in the “Download” folder as and when required.

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