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Controlling Silent Updates- Firefox’s Latest Feature

Silent update is the latest project developed under Mozilla for its Firefox browser. Previously Mozilla had hinted about plans of a better updating process on October 0f 2010. The main objective behind the plans was to achieve a user friendly update mechanism.

Currently, updates are applied to the Firefox on start up, disrupting the users from accessing the browser. Windows Vista & Windows 7 users may get UAC prompts during Firefox updating process, which needs attention before application of updates.

Silent update feature may be the perfect solution to the mentioned problems.

What exactly is Silent Updates?

The Silent update feature constitute of three basic components.

  • Default Add-on compatibility – This is an integrated feature in all versions of Firefox from Firefox10 onwards. This feature makes an assumption on the compatibility of the Firefox add-ons leaving aside their maximum version compatibility.
  • Mozilla Maintenance Service – This feature is basically a Windows component bearing resemblance to Google Updater in its working. Its main action is to tweak with the UAC prompt such that no further attention is required during update application. It is planned for Firefox 12 which is expected to be released to the end of April 2012.
  • Background Updates – As the name suggests, this features enables the installation of updates while Firefox is accessed. It deals with browser disruption problem during start up by keeping start up time at usual levels. This feature is planned for Firefox 13 & 14.

How to control updates?

In future, if you do not wish any further assistance from Mozilla Maintenance Service, you can block it by few simple steps.

  • Go to Firefox->Options->Advanced
  • Select the Update tab
  • Locate & uncheck Use a background service to install updates box.
silent update

There is an indication that the Silent update feature will be installed automatically, though it is not clear how? It may happen during an update or exist only in new versions of Firefox. If you chose to uninstall it, the future updates will never install it again. If the feature is removed, Firefox will return back to its usual self.

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