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Content Writing Tips You Can Learn from Well-Known Writers

Content writers have a significant role in keeping the content writing industry afloat and make it a stable business where a lot of aspiring writers, including bloggers could gain from.

With content writing, every writer should stick to the rule of making the write-up interesting to the consumers. Doing this, however, takes time to perfect. There are times that a writer will find it so taxing to weave words into ideas. For these moments, here are seven great content writing tips coming from famous writers. These timeless guidelines will definitely give you advantage as they will help a writer come up up with better substance, an improved style, and write more effectively:

  1. Elmore Leonard said that he tried to cut the parts that readers omit: do not include the boring parts. You need to eliminate content that is not interesting or useful to your target audience.
  2. George Orwell said that you should avoid using foreign phrases or scientific therms if you can simply say the same in common English: the readers may lose their interest in reading something that they could not plainly understand. Why make their lives miserable? Keep everything laid out in a simple manner, making it easy to comprehend.
  3. Stephen King said that there are two essential things for everyone who wants to become a writer: reading a lot and writing a lot: now here is probably the best tip in content writing. Learning results from acknowledging another person’s idea. Reading more will help a writer gain more knowledge therefore having a lot of ideas to work on.
  4. Ray Bradbury said about the importance of knowing of how to accept negative reviews: anonymous or not, there will always be someone who will insult the way you write. Do not let them dampen your soul with their negative criticisms. Instead, find a way to learn from your mistakes and make it as a step to be better.
  5. James Patterson usually tried to pretend that he was sitting in front of someone, telling that person a story, and expecting him to sit there until the story is finished: telling a story and writing one has the same goal and that is to keep the reader engrossed from start to finish. It always helps to have this pretend conversation when writing so you can imagine whether the listener or your reader is still with you along your lines.
  6. William Wordsworth: “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart”. Always write with passion. You should always be excited while writing. Excitement is infectious and draws in readers.
  7. John Steinbeck said, that a man with no words is a man with no thought.  An idea is useless if not penned. No one will know about something if it will just stay in the mind. Writing is a tool to let everyone know of the beautiful thoughts that you have.

Content writing is a valuable industry to a lot of business ventures that cannot speak for their own sake. Businesses that do no have enough manpower and the knowledge to blog about their products or the services that they do find it a bit difficult to be in the league against their competitions who are engaged with blogging and online marketing. Learning from the masters in writing will help build a good foundation in writing and will make every writing task captivating so that the clients are satisfied with a job well done, every single time.

Honing a talent in writing for blog will benefit both the writer and his readers. Writing serves as the outlet for the writer while it functions as a source of knowledge on the consumers’ end.

Author Bio:- Stephen A. is an in-house content writer and editor at Dissertationwritings.com, a company that provides dissertation writing services and professional help with research on scientific and educational

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  • Bhushan

    October 26, 2012, 6:56 pm

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