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Content that Converts: Four Effective Ways to Expand Your Audience

“Content is king” – every SEO company subscribes to this mantra. With the recent focus on increasing user experience, high quality, relevant and compelling content has been known to increase the success of opt-in marketing tactics such as electronic direct mailers, as well as improve the level of engagement between a brand and its customers online.

However, there is a danger for an SEO company to do content for content’s sake and forget that content, no matter how well crafted it is, is useless without an audience. Take the example of renowned painter Leonardo Da Vinci. Not many of us know that aside from being a great artist, he is also a visionary inventor. Problem is, his visions remained in the pages of his notebook and was never seen by the “right individuals” who could have turn these visions into reality. At the end of the day, what Da Vinci lacked was an audience.

Similarly, content marketing cannot fulfill its ultimate which is to increase conversion rates without an audience seeing it.

Making Your Content Viral

Consider it inefficient, but the most effective way for your content to reach your target market is to go viral. This way, you are not only capturing those “easy converts” or those who are really and deeply interested with your products or services. With a wider audience, you are also able to reach individuals who do not yet realize that your offerings can actually improve or enrich an aspect of their life. Of course, not to mention the branding and word-of-mouth your business will be getting.

So, how do you make your content go viral, reach wider audience and finally, increase conversion rates? In his book, Seth Godin advises internet marketers to look for the “Sneezers” in their niche. These are the individuals with a wide base of followers and people who are influential that the moment they post something on their blog, Facebook or Twitter accounts, it gets shared in a matter of seconds. There are basically two kinds of Sneezers according to Godin:

  1. Powerful – they have a loyal base of followers who trust them and consider them as figures of authority
  2. Promiscuous – they have a ton of following, but the level of trust is not that strong (consider celebrity bloggers)

Four Effective Techniques to Trigger Conversation

Once an SEO company has identified these Sneezers, the next step is to get them talking! This is not an easy mountain to climb, but every step is definitely worth it. Here are four ways how you can stimulate the “sneezing” and spread your content as fast as the common colds!

  1. Create a meaningful project. Don’t just use these sneezers as your medium to communicate your manage. Get them involved and get their ideas on how to execute content tactics that their audience would actually respond to. This is a great way to get them invested in what you are doing and a great tactic to increase conversion rates.
  2. Pick their brains. Everyone has his or her two-cent on everything. Create an opportunity for these online influencers to share their thoughts on a relevant topic such as interviews, case studies, etc. Carefully phrase your questions so a genuine and long-lasting discussion takes place centered on rich content.
  3. Start a perks campaign. Incentives always make people talk. Using the same principles, once you’ve identified online key opinion leaders in your niche, you can give them perks to encourage them to share your content for “free.”
  4. Content for their followers. Every SEO company knows that it’s not easy to maintain a strong following online. They need to provide their followers valuable content. Create materials that will hold true value to their online community and your content will definitely spread like wildfire.

Remember, content is not created for content’s sake. Content is only as good as the results it produce and the metrics it meets. To increase conversion rates is one of them and using the tactics above, hopefully your content reaches the correct audience.

Author Bio:– Richard Franklin is an Internet marketing expert and wants to share his knowledge with people who are about to hire an SEO company for their business. He has also given words to many articles where one can find the latest trends popular in conversion optimization companies.

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