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Content Optimization Tips for More Conversions


Content Optimization

Content is the essence of every website. The main intention for anyone looking to profit online is to create content that is to educate, captivate and engage your site visitors. This builds trust, and trust converts a visitor into a customer. The issue that many businesses have is that they find it difficult to produce content that is able to convert visitors. Here we will give some tips that will increase your site conversions.

Specialize and Focus

The major mistake companies tend to maid is trying to provide a service to everyone in the world. This does not result in more sales; specialization draws a base of dedicated patrons that will be proud brand ambassadors for your products or services. You need to be in tune with your desired demographic.

Have a mental picture of who your ideal customer is. How old are they? What kind of music do they like? How much money do they make annually? Create the most vivid picture of your prospect as possible, and keep that image in mind when curating and creating content for your website.

Be Social Media Savvy

Social media is the present and future of marketing and any business that does not use social media to the fullest will get left in the dust. Make sure the content for your website is intertwined with your social media feeds and timelines. You also need to have attention-grabbing visuals.

As search engines optimization (SEO) becomes increasingly less effective, the impact of social media has reached dynamic proportions. Social media still grows as it is proving to be one of the easiest ways to engage and interact with prospects in a way that builds rapport and trust.

Conduct Some Competitive Analysis

One of the first things a business should do before bringing their product or service to the public is to conduct some competitive analysis on their successful competitors and their online strategies and practices. This type of strategic analysis consists of searching for the top ten competitors in your niche and seeing what they have in common that you are not incorporating.

Run a Promotion

Promotions are always a fun way to get your visitors on board as customers. It can be something as simple as a t-shirt giveaway. The response people have to t-shirts is impressive. You can design your own t-shirts using screen printing software or outsource the designing to a freelancer.

Run Split Tests

You want to make sure your strategies are working, so split testing is the best way to achieve this. With split testing, you set up different pages for the same product with minor changes. You send some client to one page, and others to the second page. The page that converts the best will be the proper choice for the permanent page.


It is important to stay flexible in a time where the marketing landscape online seems to change by the day. Don’t be afraid to embrace the current strategies and platforms, as well as those that are on the horizon when they prove their worthiness.

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