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Consider Convenience – Why Hot Desking Is the Right Move for the Busy Businessman


As a feature of co-working, the hot desk provides professionals with a working space that includes internet access and other amenities. Because hot desking places you among other professionals, the opportunities for networking and collaboration abound. However, this method of working also saves professionals who are self-employed and start-ups loads of money in terms of overhead.

Hot-desking is so cost-effective for today’s businessmen because you are not actually renting a building but the use of a desk and any amenities that are included in the plan. Furthermore, hot desking works for entrepreneurs, who work out of major cities and need to be located in more expensive business districts, the flexibility in finding affordable office space. The benefits of hot desking are numerous, but for the professional with a lot of clients and little time this office plan can be a time-saver.

Continue reading below to find out more about hot desking can be a great move for anyone with a busy professional life.


One of the main reasons that hot desking works for today’s professionals is because it allows for professionals to move about easily. For example, if you have a meeting in Miami but work in Los Angeles and need office space, many of the larger leasing companies can provide space at a moment’s notice. You do not have to go through the extra hassle of trying to reserve space to work.

Even better, hot-desking works if you are trying to test new markets but again do not have the time or money to lease extra office space. If not leasing with one of the larger companies, you can find a coworking space that offers similar amenities, even on a short-term basis. What hot-desking has done for professionals is it has simplified the process of travelling for professionals.


Another great time-saver of hot-desking is the ability to expand or downsize based on your need. As a start-up, you might not need to lease that much space. However, a few years or even months down the line, you might find you need more space. Fortunately, for you, many leases can be easily modified to meet your needs.

With a conventional lease, you might take months to relocate or expand. Conversely, modifying a lease with a company that offers hot-desking can be done in less than a week in many cases. These leases save you time by not having to organize a major relocation effort because the leasing office does all of the work.


With hot-desking, you are only responsible for paying your bill at the end of the month. There are no other costs associated with renting space, costs such as utilities, phone cable, internet, etc. With one bill, your budget is simplified, and unless you have invoices unrelated to office space, your monthly budget is much easier to tackle.

Making Connections

The most important way that hot-desking can save you time is with networking and collaborating, the foundation of a lot of business growth. Because you are seated among some of the most talented professionals, you are in the middle of a well of resources that can provide you referrals, be a source of mentoring and collaboration, and be a way to easily raise your business’s profile. Additionally, many of the companies that utilise hot desking offer networking events and incubator opportunities, which eliminates the task of searching in the dark for support.

Workspaces For Professionals On The Move

Hot-desking benefits professionals for many reasons. Some of the more obvious ones relate to the costs needed for a start-up to be self-employed. However, probably one of the most significant benefits is related to time savings.

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