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Computers and You in the Future

Just about everything high tech these days has a computer built inside of it. Our calculators, cars, televisions, and suddenly even our refrigerators have LCD Displays built into them. Just for the sole purpose of being there so that were instantly connected to the world no matter what time of day it is, even if its dinner time! So, how does this help you out? A whole lot believe me. Yesterday marks the very first day of being offline for an entire year for an American Journalist. An entire year without internet, that’s truly remarkable, imagines going an entire year without the aid of the entire. Even if you don’t pay all of your bills online, I’m sure you pay a portion of them on the internet using your debit or credit card. However what amazing as well, is to how often we use the post office when we as a society have the capacity to turn everything into an electronic mail.

There are benefits however when it comes to mailing mail through the standard means, and most importantly it needs to be noted that there is no spam filter in real life. What you sent out is going to at least make it in their hands physically. What is tremendous about the email system however that physical would never match is the speed. And much like when one advantage is gained, another advantage has to suffer; the quality of the transmission suffers. There isn’t any alternative to the text on the screen, possibly an attachment of a picture or some sort of other file, but the human element is missing. No more scent to go by, especially if it’s a romantic message. No more lock of hair to be received as a physical reminder. No more preservation unless the person who received the message takes the time to print out their noteworthy emails to catalogue them for future perusal.

It truly makes you appreciate a normal letter in the mail when you consider the effort a person has to make nowadays to mail a simple letter. In a world where electronics dominates every facet of our day to day lives, when something outside of that electronic element occurs we take note and pay attention in much more appreciative detail.

However, if it wasn’t for the technology we have today, we wouldn’t be able to see each other and our loved ones over the internet and over tablets which we would hold in our hand. The ability to initiate a video conversation to talk half way around the world is what makes our time unique. Prior to us normal people being able to video chat on the computer screen, we were forced to just pray and hope that they would be able to afford the trip to come see you. But since computer prices have fallen so much, they were able to finally afford the ability to see each other over vast distances.

With that said, I think its best to take a moment and ponder what exciting times we live in. One where time is no longer the barrier between an “I Love You,” and an “I Love You Too.”  If you have a relative that needs an opportunity to go online, but is having trouble find the right computer.

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  • sumit kumar @reviewsontech

    May 6, 2012, 5:41 am

    i dont know what will in future but now we are addicted to technology and will be..


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